Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tweets on Formula 1 - April 2012 in Bahrain

These tweets were posted prior to the hosting of F1. Some people debated the fact that F1 should not take place.

1. I am Bahraini. I cast my words into cyber space hoping to be heard & understood. I just ask you to listen to me

2. Many people do not want F1 to be held in Bahrain out of respect for the martyrs & those tortured since Feb 2011. But I welcome you!

3. Come to Bahrain to see our agony. Land in our modern airport, stay in  our hotels, & enjoy our beautiful houses & luxury cars BUT

4. Ask your taxi driver to take you to one of the villages of Bahrain so that you would tell the world what goes on

5. Have you heard of the time machine? It's in Bahrain, just minutes from the beautiful areas, where people live in the past century

6. You will see the indigenous people of Bahrain. Do not fear them, they are simple villagers who will welcome you in their homes
7. They are poor but generous: will rejoice when you visit, eat their food,& listen to their story & that of their ancestors

8. They are poor because the ruling family, which arrived to Bahrain 230 years ago decided to treat them as second-class citizens

9. Whenever they rebelled requesting their rights, they would be attacked, killed, & arrested brutally Bahrain

10. Visit villages at night. See the attitude of Government mercenaries. Watch how dozens of them beat up youngsters & elderly

11. Bahrain is suffering. They will withhold the truth & show you what they want you to see. In people's faces you will find the truth
12. We are humans, we demand our rights. Bahrain regime disregards our demands & sparks sectarian strife to delude us

13. Send Bahrain my regards since I'm deprived from it for more than a year. Regime took revenge from me for supporting people's rights

14. Enjoy the race, atmosphere, & companionship but give us a bit of attention. We do not have the power or money to buy allies

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