Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tweets on Formula 1 - April 2012 in Bahrain

These tweets were posted prior to the hosting of F1. Some people debated the fact that F1 should not take place.

1. I am Bahraini. I cast my words into cyber space hoping to be heard & understood. I just ask you to listen to me

2. Many people do not want F1 to be held in Bahrain out of respect for the martyrs & those tortured since Feb 2011. But I welcome you!

3. Come to Bahrain to see our agony. Land in our modern airport, stay in  our hotels, & enjoy our beautiful houses & luxury cars BUT

4. Ask your taxi driver to take you to one of the villages of Bahrain so that you would tell the world what goes on

5. Have you heard of the time machine? It's in Bahrain, just minutes from the beautiful areas, where people live in the past century

6. You will see the indigenous people of Bahrain. Do not fear them, they are simple villagers who will welcome you in their homes
7. They are poor but generous: will rejoice when you visit, eat their food,& listen to their story & that of their ancestors

8. They are poor because the ruling family, which arrived to Bahrain 230 years ago decided to treat them as second-class citizens

9. Whenever they rebelled requesting their rights, they would be attacked, killed, & arrested brutally Bahrain

10. Visit villages at night. See the attitude of Government mercenaries. Watch how dozens of them beat up youngsters & elderly

11. Bahrain is suffering. They will withhold the truth & show you what they want you to see. In people's faces you will find the truth
12. We are humans, we demand our rights. Bahrain regime disregards our demands & sparks sectarian strife to delude us

13. Send Bahrain my regards since I'm deprived from it for more than a year. Regime took revenge from me for supporting people's rights

14. Enjoy the race, atmosphere, & companionship but give us a bit of attention. We do not have the power or money to buy allies

Tweets on Naturalization of Saddam's Commandoes

These tweets were posted when solid evidence was found to prove the naturalization of Iraqi citizens by Bahrain's regime:
1. Who did Bahrain regime use to repress & conspire against its people?
Ans: Saddam's Commandoes

2. These are the names of Saddam's Commandoes, naturalized by Bahrain regime to crush the dreams of its people

3. Who plots the fabricated plays are a few Bahrainis and a lot of Baathists

4. It's a documented scandal.  Bahrain Gov doesn't only use mercenaries in facing unarmed people, but criminals too

5. I challenge Bahrain Gov to refute this with evidence. I chose not to hide the names so that people would not doubt such document
6. Kuwait  wanted to prevent the entrance of Bahrain-is without a visa in 2008 due to info on naturalization of Saddam's Commandoes

7. Many of the detainees were subjected to brutal torture by Iraq-is but evidence was scarce at that time

8. Bahrain regime got mercenaries from Pakistan, Baluchistan, Syria, Yemen, and now Iraq to suppress unarmed people

9. The tribal rule is trying to protect itself by naturalization of ignorant terrorists & mercenaries to change the demographic structure of

10. Saddam's brutality & his Commandoes could not protect him when Allah chose to humiliate him & his family
11. Similarly Saddam's Commandoes would not be able to protect Bahrain regime's tyranny for long

Tweets on Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry

These tweets were posted prior to the elections of the members of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1. As expected, most aristocrats changed their standpoint to protect themselves after the security clampdown except a few

2. We expected/hoped these aristocrats wouldn’t participate in the sectarian revenge process
3. But in Bahrain: You are with me in all the wrong I commit or else I would count you on their side

4. Remorseful people who expressed loyalty by visiting the Prime Minister didn’t make him forget the names of those who helped protesters
5. Instead the Prime Minister chose to delay his retribution from Sunnis while concentrating the revenge on Shiites
6. He worked to benefit the Sunni community thus increasing sectarian alignment. He thought this will protect him/his children

7. Mass revenge was the title of the next stage. And it included the whole Shiite sect
8. However you participated, you had to pay the price of belonging to the sect that rebelled against the Prime Minister’s rule
9. Businessmen were forced to participate in sectarian revenge. Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry dismissed A. Al Aali & E. Al Daaysi

10. Qualified people were not hired for sectarian reasons because this was the official trend & they were cowards to say NO

11. The shameful acts turned BCCI into an ostrich burying its head when calls for boycott were underway by Sunni Clerics
12. Sunni businessmen knew that this would backfire on them but they were too cowardly to take stand

13. Jawad and others, members of & under the umbrella of BCCI, have been attacked but BCCI disregarded what happened
14. Goods were damaged due to delays in entry but the ostrich, BCCI, chose to ignore it

15. Tenders were distributed upon “good” businessmen while the “bad” businessmen did not receive anything
16. Tomorrow is BCCI’s general assembly. Go and ask them regarding their wavering stance
17. Remind them how Kuwait’s businessmen defended democracy in their Chamber of Commerce & threatened to withdraw their investment
18. Give BCCI a picture of an ostrich on Lamees’ behalf and send them my regards
19. Tell the members of BCCI: if you act submissively, what did you leave for the poor people? 
20. Tell the BCCI members: if you are not eligible, leave it for others  who can manage and help the country before it’s too late

Lamees Dhaif on CNN - Al Khawaja Hunger Strike

These tweets were posted after CNN interviewed Lamees Dhaif and Maryam Al-Khawaja regarding Al-Khawaja's hunger strike:

CNN's coverage of Bahrain about Al-Khawaja & interviews with @maryamalkhawaja

Lamees Dhaif to the CNN: Al-Khawaja's case is a clear example of the arrogant & suppressive regime in Bahrain

Al-Khawaja, other political figures, 600 others are detained, & ~4000 have been charged for opposing Bahrain regime.

Through his hunger strike: Al-Khawaja says: Its freedom or death & it's clear Bahrain regime prefers his death rather than showing sympathy

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: reforms Bahrain gov talks about are promises. Nothing felt on the ground, a way to beatify its image internationally

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: unlike others, I encourage the F1 to take place in Bahrain so that the world would know our tragic reality 

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: seeking democracy is ongoing daily in Bahrain but the media intentionally neglects the humanitarian catastrophe

Tweets about Emmet Till

These tweets narrate the story of Emmet Till, how the aftermath of that incident changed the American society, and its close comparison to what is happening in Bahrain:
1. In 1954, Emmett Till, a 14 year old African-American boy was murdered in Mississippi after reportedly flirting with a white woman
2. The woman’s husband & his brother kidnapped Till, gouged out one of his eyes, killed him & disposed of his body in a river
3. Till’s mother insisted on a public funeral service with an open casket to show the world the brutality of the killing
4. Initially people decried called for justice but eventually transformed into support for the killers
5. The court acquitted the men of Till's murder because the whites were superior in criminal cases involving African Americans
6. This case was the reason behind African-American civil rights movement that started in Mississippi, Till’s homeland
7. Loyalists in Bahrain attack those who ask for justice and an elected government
8. How will they justify their crimes against their own people?
9. As Till’s mum bravely showed off the injustice in her son’s case, I will write about 1 case daily to show world what happens

Friday, April 6, 2012

More tweets about Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja after his health detriorated:

Since the 50's,  "Al-Khalifa" have arrested dissidents or sent them to exile rather than submitting to their demands!

Political figures have been tortured for hating Bahrain regime. People then detested the regime even more than ever

Didn't Bahrain regime learn something from its history with its own people? From the history of other nations?

Inform Bahrain's King: rulers acquire people's love by compassion not cruelty/ Attain respect through wisdom not arrogance

Inform Bahrain's King: If Al-Khawaja died, he will become a legend. King will prove that he is a stubborn tyrant

Inform Bahrain's King: he "might" evade responsibility of martyrs killed by his mercenaries  

Inform Bahrain's King: he "would not" be guiltless from the blood of Khawaja, who is dying slowly in front of him

Khawaja: you troubled Bahrain's regime while you were free, & you troubled them even more while you're imprisoned!!

This is a recent picture of Khawaja. May Allah free him soon

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These tweets are about Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja. He is a political figure who is undergoing hunger strike in prison:

What did Bahrain regime benefit from arresting, torturing, & sentencing political figures, knowing that sentences will have 2 be dropped sooner/ later

Political figures were mainly charged 4 inciting hatred against Bahrain regime; Isn’t the regime real inciter of hatred through its actions & failures?

A.Hadi Al-Khawaja: received most of the annoyance. His brutal arrest, horrific torture, & broken bones were likely the result of old revenge

We failed in giving Khawaja & other detainees their rights. Bahrain regime succeeded in distracting us from concentrating on detainees’ rights

Bahrain regime managed to implant fear & oppression in every corner. In every family there’s a martyr, detainee, suspended, or tortured

If Bahrain regime thinks it will break detainees w/ its barbarity, it is delusional. It magnified them & dwarfed itself. Freedom 4 Khawaja & all detainees

These tweets were posted after pro-government militias killed Ahmed Ismail. His body was shot at with live bullets.

This is Ahmed Ismail's mother visiting the site where he was shot dead by government thugs

Ahmed Ismail was killed by mercenaries while filming their crimes. He is a “citizen journalist”, the 3rd blogger killed by Bahrain regime

How will Bahrain regime justify killing him? How will it explain the presence of bullets in his body? Who is really armed in the country?

Dozens of people were killed by Bahrain regime that continues to cover up the killers & did not bring any of them to trial

For the alleged killing of a policeman & an expatriate 100s were arrested whereas death of 76 ppl go without proper investigation Bahrain

Bahrain regime is using armed militias to ignite a civil war

Any opportunity for a political settlement or dialogue requiring the PM’s resignation is destroyed by these militias

These militias get orders from religious clerics who are ordered by TOP pple to destroy Bahrain with the launch of any political solution

Sectarian strife needs both sects. We won’t be part of this dirty game. We disagree with Bahrain unjust regime but will maintain our unity

Our condolences to the family of Ahmad Ismail and the people of Bahrain

Tweets about businessmen who suffered as a result of the boycott practiced by the two sects and acts of vandalism by thugs:

1.In training, we were asked to question businessmen about any investigation because  they use floating, vague & awfully courteous words
2) When listing the categories that sacrificed & were targeted by the regime, we tend to forget our honorable businessmen
3.The businessmen sacrificed silently and stood against patriotism
4. They underwent countless abuses by the regime. Not only have they been deprived from tenders; Thugs vandalized their property
 5. If protestors vandalized the property of pro-government businessmen, the whole country would be made chaotic by hypocrites
6. The sectarian boycott included every Shiite businessman whether he supported the protestors or not
7. The religious Sheikhs shamelessly incited cutting people’s source of income for unabashedly sectarian considerations
8. No wonder - people follow the religion of their kings, as they say - & our regime believes in collective punishment & rewards it
9. Their boycott did not affect businessmen; God is the one who makes a person wealthy or poor
10. What hurts is the sectarian hatred and the ugly hostility that dispersed in the Bahrain's social environment
11. Businessmen suffering from this cheap target: sorry we forgot you when recalling those who sacrificed, Bahrain & history won’t forget you

Tweets about the mercenaries' violence:

Ferrari’s new ad states there’s no use of force without control, even Ferrari understands politics more than Bahrain's government
Video showing brutality of mercenaries & their violations against women & children another video showing dozens of mercenaries beating an unarmed boy in #Bahrain - a scene you won’t see in Palestine @ avinashkalla: an Indian site coveys my article. Thank u 4 ur interest & humanity that transcends races & religions
Jealousy & humanity died in those who ruined the sanctity of mosques. They accept the abuse of women & children by their men
We don’t ask 4 help. Bahrain-‘s people suffer. They don’t deserve treason & raping their chastity 4 asking 4 their rights

These tweets were posted on 9 March 2012 which was the day that witnessed the largest rally in Bahrain's history:

Marx’ historical moment: "a unique event combining conflict & contradictions to produce radical transformation"
9March rally fits that description precisely

In 9March we want to say: We will not allow anyone to deny our existence nor falsify our identity & history

We are the native people of Bahrain. All history books document our origin
We, the native ppl of Bahrain, welcomed whoever came to live among us but we don’t accept denying our origin nor erasing our identity

Persians defeated Portuguese & ruled #Bahrain from 1521-1700 AD. Therefore some Persians outdate Al Khalifa in their existence on this land

We’re not racists. We shared our bread, land,& accepted u as rulers BUT distortion of our land, identity, or history is not allowed

We need to organize Bahrain internally. Ruling exclusively has ended. When you ruled, we became the Indians of the

You built a fragile economy based on liquor, prostitution & begging from neighboring countries!
Bahrain: locals do not exceed 570,000 /half the population is under the poverty line according to studies

Bahrain: Teaching started in 1912. Was lowest in illiteracy in Arab World until naturalization was adopted
Bahrain: Sunni & Shiite coexisted for thousands of years until sectarian discrimination was adopted to protect the regime

What did we benefit from Bahrain regime? Law isn’t respected, efficiency isn’t important,& the native person isn’t valued

Bahrain corruption: 1 third of the country is privately owned, tenders went to enrich ruling family & projects delayed 4 years

I would not say leave - we are all staying - but I say: let people run their lives and decide their fate and future

It pains me that I will not participate in the 9March but I wish everyone would shout: "Enough"!! #Bahrain

The following tweets talk about the thugs' repetitive attack on "Jawad" supermarkets and coffee shops:

MOI arrests tens of people because of a burning tire but fails to find a suspect when lives or property are at stake

We, as well as MOI, know who own arms & ammunition in Bahrain. Those armed mercenaries can be identified even in civilian clothes A picture of thugs waving a weapon in front of "Jawad" supermarket staff, an appalling sight in Bahrain

The weapon of "denial" was used against prophets, philosophers, scientists, & reformers   
In Bahrain, the corpses of the innocent, the whining of dismissed workers, & the oppression of the regime was seen as "lies"

Ignorant loyalists repeat "lies, lies" just like a mantra that will conceal their documented scandals & crimes

On the first anniversary Bahrain's revolution, these tweets were posted:

A year passed. They got armies, mercenary, controlled the media, threatened  & suppressed you but you remained steadfast, brave people of Bahrain 

I will recall on the 1st occasion of our revolution some achievements that might not be vivid to some

1. During this year: we have uncovered the ugly tribal nature of Bahrain regime. It is sectarian, tyrannical, & retroactive

2. We realized that modern life & the cement cities are a deceptive crust & do not cover the life of Middle Ages in which we live

3. This experience made us aware of our rights & we became mature in dealing with them whereas the regime still deals with force  

4. Our political leaders &human rights activists became refined and new leaders were formed in each area

5. All legislative & human rights organization lined up with us & admitted justice of our demands even those of allied countries

6. Even though Bahrain spent billions to distort opposition, they could not achieve what opposition achieved with the simplest tools

7. Even in countries that support each other whether "wrong or right", we were able to push elites to line up with us

8. The future that we want for our children and grandchildren to live in became apparent

9. We were blundering in our fight against corruption, discrimination, & now we know our goals

10. We uncovered people with counterfeit consciences, paid journalists, slaves & beneficiaries of regime & those with double standards

9. We got united: Islamists, liberal, communists, seculars, educated, rich, poor, men & women. We became stronger

10. Our regime became blundered & confused thus making uncalculated decisions whereas the opposition is working with proper tactics

These tweets are about the athlete Mohammed Ali Jawad:

1. This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad, a sports figure imprisoned a year ago who lately received some bad news
2. Mohd couldn't farewell his father who passed away 2 days ago
3. Before he passed away he asked to see his son but he left this world without getting his wish granted #Bahrain
4. Mohd's father died while he was unjustly detained & his other son disappeared after being targeted by security
5. The father passed away not knowing about the 15-yr sentence that awaits his son,who confessed to a crime that he did not commit
6. Mohd Ali was detained since March 27, 2011. He got his share of torture & humiliation like most sports figures because he protested #Bahrain
7. Mohd did not get the needed media attention. He is jailed by the regime & his family are jailed by their torment
8. Mohd's dad couldn't retaliate or obtain his son's right while he was alive. He will sue King & his executioners in eternal world
9. He will sue people who cursed his son & who were overjoyed by his torture. He will question why was he deprived from his kids
10. King of Bahrain: What will you answer God when he asks you & your servants when about the pain, tears, blood, & rights off people?
  11. This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad receiving condolences in his father's funeral


This article is about a woman from Bahrain who burned herself after the arrest of her son during the revolution.  

Badriya Ali is a Bahraini housewife in her fifties. She ended her life with her bare hands by burning herself. She saw flames eat off her clothes and burn her body. The day passed as if it was eternal before her soul left to its creator, leaving behind children, grandchildren and a husband who is still in need.

What state pushes a believer like this lady to end her life in such a painful way with her bare hands?
How can a person's hands obey its owner to torture himself/herself through burning? I would have wanted to ask those questions to Badriya directly, but Badriya left and I am in my optional exile. I have read much about her, but her story was not complete until I sat pondering the image which told me the rest of it.

Badria is a mother from Sanabis. It is a village that sleeps on the smell of teargas and the sounds of shots and wakes up on the news of those arrested and injured. Last April Bahraini security forces attacked them while they were asleep, as usual. Here security forces are like thieves. They attack at night and treacherously kidnap people. And I wish the distinguished Interior Minister would tell me why his men insist on storming houses after 2 a.m.  As if the sunlight terrifies vampires!!

That night Badria read Quran and slept to wake up to the sound of shattering in her house. When she gained consciousness, she saw dozens of masked men break into her house and were pointing guns to her head and the head of her husband. After a moment, she saw her son who was just over the age of 17 years in the hands of masked men. They kicked him and pulled his head and were beating his head repeatedly on the wall. Badriya pulled her son Ahmed from their grip. She screamed at them, "My son did not do anything, leave him" but the police who are not fluent in Arabic, shouted at her and pushed her brutally. They were pulling her child whose face was covered in blood.
She opened her eyes to see that Ahmed was taken away. They took him and she could not deter them. Badria began to cry that night and was not able to stop. She thought about how they would beat him, would they rape him or not, will they feed him, and will they torture him?
Questions were hovering in her head every minute of the day.

10 months, 300 days, 18 thousand hours, Badria spent crying over her son, shuddering every night for the idea that her son was tortured now. She feared that her other sons might be arrested too.
Her son was released after ten months while maintaining the charge of "participation illegal protests". Ahmed returned from prison after months of suffering to see that his mother was not the same. She was sad and depressed.

When Bouazizi burned himself after receiving a slap from the officer, the world sympathized with him and requested a revenge. In Bahrain, people ignored Badria’s story and the loyalists mocked it.

Badria is a victim of this regime’s atrocities. May Badria’s soul rest in peace, may all the Bahraini mothers remain strong, and may victory be granted to Bahrain’s people. 

A Message to the Fled Colonel

This article is addressed to a Colonel who threatened Lamees Dhaif publicly.

From the farces of this era, you stand to distribute national loyalty to those whom you see eligible although everybody in this country knows you have used your previous job in theft, extortion, and bribery. From the paradoxes of my life, a person like me has to address someone like you! But I need to do that since your threats targeted Nabeel Rajab, S. Yousif Al-Mahaftha, and Mohammed Al-Maskati (human rights activists in Bahrain). Silence is thus no longer an option.

Shouldn’t you retire in the dens and the discos that are owned by yourself day and night and wish that people would forget you and not dwell into your past? Your victims, those who you violated their chastity, tortured, and robbed are still alive and can still remember you very well. An example of these people is Ali Al-Jallawi. You told him that you are God while he was in prison and he can confirm that. Hajj Hassan Lari, whom you hanged upside down from his legs and looted from him 942 thousand dinars is still alive. He still has the checks and receipts that expose how you acquired your fortune from his source of income. Mr. Hadi Al-Moussawi whom you rubbed your shoes on his cheek and made him stand for days is a witness of your sadistic nature. Thousands of detainees, who were blackmailed, tortured, and looted by you whenever they mentioned God, are still alive. How can you preach people after all this?

How can you lead masses of people and become the head of an Islamic Society?! Wow!!
How can you be a leader while the government itself acknowledged your crimes and asked to get you back after you fled through the Interpol? But because you threatened to expose the high ranking people who are involved with you, you were not put into jail.
How dare you attack human rights activists like Nabeel Rajab, Syed Yousif Al-Mahadthah and Mohammed Al-Maskati? Don’t you know that these people are well respected by the international community and are employed by international organizations as renowned sources of information while you only appear in a TV channel that is watched by a minority?

Don’t boast your patriotism. We know that you are only trying to do this to delude people because you will be held accountable later on. You will then not find a place to live in especially after Australia deported you. You can then go to a country like Afghanistan where you can practice your hobbies in inciting people, selling weapons, and torturing others.

And for those who do not know you, we will brief them on your history so that they would come to know the type of people who work for Bahrain’s government?
From an officer with a salary of around 600 dinars living in a very modest family, Felaifil became the owner of a financial empire collected from extortion and looting. The total debts and financial cases against the colonel that were recorded by the Bahraini courts amounted to 24 million dinars. Also cases were raised against him by the Saudi businessman Omar Babtain and the Qatari Khalid Almisnad asking him to return $45 million. Although he used $100 million to purchase property in the city of Brisbane, the Australian authorities expelled him from the country.

To those who named the colonel as their leader: Did you ask yourself what is the source of his money? The technique used by Felaifil in collecting his wealth was simple: he arrested rich people and he fabricated political charges and tortured them so that they would pay. Today, he accuses the opposition of treason and it is - itself - what he was doing since 1981, the difference that - at that time - had intended the money and today he seeks a rank!

The government is to blame today for all this tension: When you steal from people and torture them and then issue a decree to say: “It passed”, you create a crisis.
When you arrest people like A.Wahab Hussein because he did not accept your point of view and leave behind someone whose hands are contaminated with blood, you create a crisis.
When you arrest intellectuals such as Ibrahim Sharif because he asked for reform and leave those who call for armed confrontation, you create a crisis. Don’t blame people if they hated you and did not accept you.

To the colonel we say: stop yourself and your evil tactics, even if you had to use sedative drugs! Today is not the same as yesterday. The era you spent in raping, pillaging, and killing without being watched is gone. Today we live in an open world. Worldwide organizations monitor and people at home and abroad are documenting all your actions your breath. We are not cowards like you. We will not attack you treacherously but will sue you in international courts so that you would view the airplane as a dream and a nightmare at once.

We will wait since darkness would never remain forever and truth will prevail.

The Settlement of the Mysterious $20 Million

This article talks about the corruption in an Aluminium Smelter in Bahrain (ALBA). This case had made headlines in the international media.

The recent settlement between Aluminuim Bahrain (ALBA) and the Swiss company Glencore is strange, suspicious, and encircled with questions that needs clarification. The brief statement issued by Alba noted that it has reached an agreement with the Swiss company whereby the latter pays money to Alba as a settlement to end the dispute between the parties. This dispute has to do with the involvement of a person who receives bribes and commissions in order to seal the deals between the two companies. The statement said that this agreement is "a prelude to reinstate trade relations between the two companies".
In a separate comment Mahmoud Kooheji, Chairman of the Board of Directors in ALBA, said that this settlement is the "fruit of the huge and lengthy efforts" and it is the result of "a thorough investigation carried out by Alba and its advisers".

At first glance, this seems good but lots of questions rise up to the surface:

- According to the newspaper "The Wall Street Journal", the dispute between the two companies is related to $4.6 million whereas the settlement amount, as quoted by some sources, is $21 million!
Why should the Swiss company pay a settlement which is more than four times the disputed amount? Isn't it puzzling?

- Second, is it rational that Glencore confirms the payment of bribes and was not prosecuted in its own country, especially in light of what we know about Switzerland and its stringent laws in dealing with corruption cases? Switzerland is one of the top ten countries in the world in the field of anti-corruption.

- Third, if Glencore confirms paying bribes to officials in ALBA, how can this file be closed without taking those involved to trial?! And who are those responsible / involved?!Are they the former sales and marketing staff who were brought to trial for corruption previously? Is it rational that they are the only ones who got the whole portion of the "cake"?

Of course we thought - at first glance - that this has to do with the billion dollar case of ALBA and Alcoa. However, an official released a statement clearly indicating that such a settlement and I quote "is not related with civil proceedings brought by ALBA against Alcoa at the Criminal Court in West Pennsylvania".

Who are the real heroes of this case? Why don't they take them to trial especially knowing that they transformed Alba's profits and successes to losses and failures.

- The statement stated that it came to pave "for the resumption of relations" between the two companies, which means new contracts and transactions. The question is: How does ALBA commit itself to proceed with business relationships and transactions with a company that is already embroiled in a corruption case and has caused the company great financial loss? Is it a way to reward them for luring the officials of the company?!

The Crown Prince, Chairman of the Economic Development Board, has repeatedly stressed the importance of the Attorney General to continue to hold those responsible for any legal irregularities in the companies they manage or work within it.

The Crown Prince urged the staff of such companies to disclose any financial or administrative corruption in order to maintain public money. And the preservation of public money cannot be restored if corruption cases take place repeatedly without finding and prosecuting who is really accountable.