Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These tweets are about the athlete Mohammed Ali Jawad:

1. This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad, a sports figure imprisoned a year ago who lately received some bad news yfrog.com/odukhyoj
2. Mohd couldn't farewell his father who passed away 2 days ago
3. Before he passed away he asked to see his son but he left this world without getting his wish granted #Bahrain
4. Mohd's father died while he was unjustly detained & his other son disappeared after being targeted by security
5. The father passed away not knowing about the 15-yr sentence that awaits his son,who confessed to a crime that he did not commit
6. Mohd Ali was detained since March 27, 2011. He got his share of torture & humiliation like most sports figures because he protested #Bahrain
7. Mohd did not get the needed media attention. He is jailed by the regime & his family are jailed by their torment
8. Mohd's dad couldn't retaliate or obtain his son's right while he was alive. He will sue King & his executioners in eternal world
9. He will sue people who cursed his son & who were overjoyed by his torture. He will question why was he deprived from his kids
10. King of Bahrain: What will you answer God when he asks you & your servants when about the pain, tears, blood, & rights off people?
  11. twitpic.com/91x1ey This is the picture of Mohd Ali Jawad receiving condolences in his father's funeral

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