Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tweets about Emmet Till

These tweets narrate the story of Emmet Till, how the aftermath of that incident changed the American society, and its close comparison to what is happening in Bahrain:
1. In 1954, Emmett Till, a 14 year old African-American boy was murdered in Mississippi after reportedly flirting with a white woman
2. The woman’s husband & his brother kidnapped Till, gouged out one of his eyes, killed him & disposed of his body in a river
3. Till’s mother insisted on a public funeral service with an open casket to show the world the brutality of the killing
4. Initially people decried called for justice but eventually transformed into support for the killers
5. The court acquitted the men of Till's murder because the whites were superior in criminal cases involving African Americans
6. This case was the reason behind African-American civil rights movement that started in Mississippi, Till’s homeland
7. Loyalists in Bahrain attack those who ask for justice and an elected government
8. How will they justify their crimes against their own people?
9. As Till’s mum bravely showed off the injustice in her son’s case, I will write about 1 case daily to show world what happens

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