Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tweets about the mercenaries' violence:

Ferrari’s new ad states there’s no use of force without control, even Ferrari understands politics more than Bahrain's government
Video showing brutality of mercenaries & their violations against women & children goo.gl/ObkeF
bit.ly/yaVs89 another video showing dozens of mercenaries beating an unarmed boy in #Bahrain - a scene you won’t see in Palestine
wespeaknews.com @ avinashkalla: an Indian site coveys my article. Thank u 4 ur interest & humanity that transcends races & religions
Jealousy & humanity died in those who ruined the sanctity of mosques. They accept the abuse of women & children by their men
We don’t ask 4 help. Bahrain-‘s people suffer. They don’t deserve treason & raping their chastity 4 asking 4 their rights

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