Friday, March 8, 2013

A thank you note to Human Rights Watch

What is practiced by Bahrain regime towards Human Rights Watch including pressure, accusation, & blackmail is similar to what it practices it's people

Bahrain's regime weapon is money & they believe in force & repression. Human Rights Watch’s weapon is human rights & you believe in justice

Human Rights Watch have indisputable professionalism whereas Bahrain regime suffers from indisputable despotism

On the behalf of Bahrain's people who fight for justice & dignity, I thank Human Rights Watch. Thank you for treating our wounds with your impartiality

The Detained Corpse of Martyr Mahmood AlJazeeri

Have you heard of a detained corpse?! Bahrain regime refuses to hand in Martyr Mahmood AlJazeeri's body to be buried
Only in Bahrain have we heard of a corpse help in captivity for more than 6 days to harm Martyr AlJazeeri's family emotionally
What's happening in Bahrain have revealed the sectarian nature of Bedouins. They accept crimes if the person who committed them is Sunni
They are hypocrites: they claim being religious while they swear & attack their counterparts in their twitter accounts Bahrain
In the stories of prophets, hypocrites fought against justice & peoples' rights. They even tortured people. Bahrain
Values wiped off slaves dictionary: justice, equality, & fighting corruption. Loyalists' logic: blame everything on Iran.

Friday, February 22, 2013

King Hamad's Donation to Sandhurst Military Academy

Britain’s Sandhurst has accepted a £3million donation from King of Bahrain. Critics considered it a bribe to buy their silence

King Hamad: 54% of Bahrain's people are below the poverty line. You spend the country's money & then get surprised why they revolted!

£3million to refurbish a hall, while the ramshackle houses' project has been suspended for 4yrs?

UK Critics: King of Bahrain plans to buy Britain's silence on his brutal repression of demonstrators & it is wrong to accept his donation

The newly refurbished Mons Hall, named after a battle in which 1000s died, will now be called King Hamad Hall

Critics said that Sandhurst 'betrays' heroes of Mons for the generous donation from the King of

After ~ 2 yrs of Prince William's wedding, Brits still criticize its cost although Kate's family paid for it

In Bahrain, the King spends from the country's budget and the people should remain silent!

In the West, no one dares to touch the country's budget unless it's through the parliament's approval

They fear the media's criticism. There, the ruler is not perceived as God and people as the sheep

Thursday, January 31, 2013

ٍSiddiqa AlBasri's Case

In 28 Jan people made fun of court's decision to detain 25yo Siddiqa AlBasri for "hurting a police's feeling"! It's not funny but

An eyewitness' eyes teared when he saw her screaming w/ fear- on her children's status - while dragged by the police  

Siddiqa's story began @ a checkpoint when she was violently insulted by a riot police who expected her to stay silent 

She kept her car @ the checkpoint & left. Her vandalized it & followed her with other policemen. She told him that she only fears God

"I fear my God" & "I dare U to return my ID card" 
2 sentences considered by the Judge as insult & disobedience to riot police

Siddiqa's case is an example of corruption in the judiciary system

She was not allowed a lawyer, verdict was extremely fast, & when she was allowed a lawyer, they didn't allow him to defend her

The called upon eyewitnesses from the police refused to attend & although each checkpoint has a CCTV camera, the court refused to play it

Layla Ahmed, Fadheela Almubarak, & Siddiqa AlBasri are 3 cases in which ladies received harsh sentences for refusing insults in checkpoints

Subjugating & insulting people, unfair trials & sentences, & repressive means. All of which show Bahrain regime tries to be stronger than God! 

The Upcoming Dialogue

AlFateh Coalition, which are pro-government loyalists, requires 11 conditions to be met before entering the proposed dialogue!

Sarcastically, it is the same group that shed tears when the opposition preconditioned the dialogue previously

Their conditions show no sense of humanity or sobriety. Mainly they do not want the release of those detained unjustly

These entities which were created by the regime are in dialogue to protect the interests of the PM

If Bahrain regime wants to seek a solution for the crisis, they would remain quiet & applaud its decision

These entities are merely a number! They are not respected by the regime, opposition, organizations, or the world

We hoped you would stand with us side by side, asking for rights & dignity. You chose slavery, now you can't impersonate your masters

It's funny how the issued statement was signed by newly found associations that are not known by the majority of Bahrainis

These associations were created by the regime. They lack an entity & have no goal except to defend the ruling regime

The procedures of creating a pro-government association seem easier than opening a Chapatti shop

To AlFateh coalition: aren't you ashamed of yourself? You destroyed Bahrain's social structure & deceived people for personal gains

To AlFateh coalition: you mislead your followers who thought you would maintain their dignity but you humiliated them

Although the oppositionist is oppressed, he is still respected & feared by regime but loyalists are seen by regime as negligible

Before the revolution, we were respected by the rulers of Bahrain regime whereas the loyalists can be humiliated publicly

Nothing changed. Bahrain regime just had to superficially enlarge the loyalists' existence momentarily

However, if loyalists went too far, they would be crushed like ants

Please forgive my harsh language. Although you agreed to all the injustice brought on upon us, we do not accept your humiliation

To newly found loyalist associations: whoever pays your rent, owns your decisions so don't truly believe in your puppet roles 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 Wonders of Bahrain Regime in 2012

I would like to share with you some wonders of Bahrain regime

1. The year 2013 has already started & Bahrain PM still holds the same post since 1957!! 

2. Pro-government loyalists support change in Syria due 2 sectarian reasons but are against pro-democracy rallies in Bahrain

3. Bahrain: Riot police committed many shameful acts, loyalists & their top man Al-Mahmood justified their wrongdoings

4. 31 Bahrainis have been stripped of their nationality while intentional political naturalization takes place 

5. The case regarding cutting prayer caller's tongue was a fabrication, but loyalists still adhere to it 

6. Bahrain sent 200 people to the UPR session in Geneva & recognized 176 recommendations- proving its aggression- & regime claims victory

7. @NABEELRAJAB jailed for his tweets while Mnarfezhom, royal family member, targeted people on Twitter is free 

8. S. Al-Hamad who attacked Isalmists in his articles & Adel Felaifil, owner of bars & discos, are Sunni Lions now


9. 2 Officers sentenced to 7 yrs for torturing a person to death while a police officer was sentenced to 12 yrs for refusing to torture protesters  

10. Bahrain regime claims foreign intervention-MP seen with militants in Syria & Ex MP questioned about an interview