Sunday, September 9, 2012

Comments about a government's official's press conference

1. I followed up a government's official's conference & beared her facial expressions that are filled with hatred & antipathy

2. I sensed her hatred & malice towards her cousin NABEELRAJAB to prove to her masters their importance

3. Who were these journalists that filled the seats in her conference? How did they appear out of nowhere?

4. Her report which included footage of inverted trash & burned glass does not prove "terrorism" 

5. Although I rarely get angered by Bahrain gov officials & their loyalists, I was provoked when she described the martyr a terrorist

6. Bahrain claims protestors' terrorism although no building exploded & no one got kidnapped nor killed

7. Do not exclude the fact intelligence might be behind some of the chaos that surprise participants in peaceful demonstrations

8. According to her Ba'athist definition: corruptors & exploiters of #Bahrain's resources are national entities – Continued

8. Continued: whereas a person seeking reform is categorized as a traitor

9. The eloquent mentality of the opposition vs. the vindictive mentality of Bahrain regime's media will distinguish bet right & wrong

10. To this gov official we say: Remember AlSahhaf who defended Saddam's crimes & insulted his opponents? Learn from his fate

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tweets about the Friday March in Manama (September 7, 2012)

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” Benjamin Franklin

Manama will be different today.. It will welcome its guests from all over Bahrain who will take place in the proposed march

I picture Manama today as I recall it in Ashoura each year. Its streets embracing the huge amount of visitors

People will go to Manama today to apply one of Imam Hussain’s principles: Saying “NO!” – rejecting oppression  

Those marching in Manama today may not have the same demands but they all reject the perverse reality in Bahrain

Go to Manama to say: We reject our stolen rights, our history’s falsification, & our treatment as 2nd class citizens in Bahrain

REJECT: deterioration of services, unfair trials, security clampdown, militarization of media, suppression, ill-treatment of women Bahrain

REJECT: monopolization of political authority & decision-making, naturalization, sectarianism, acquisition of Bahrain’s resources

A flashback at Bahrain's history

1. Some people have mocked a government's official when she stated that Shiites are the richest in Bahrain

2. Definitely most of the richest & the poorest will be from the native majority of Bahrain’s people

3. If AlKhalifa & the Brits haven’t forcefully taken agricultural lands from native Bahrainis, villagers would’ve been richer than others

4. After Bahrain’s independence, regime considered abandoned houses & undocumented lands government property

5.In that period of time, Bahrain government also took several pieces of land for exploration purposes as it claimed

6. Bahrain nurtured several civilizations due to its fertile land. AlKhalifa fled to it ~230yr ago to escape the poverty of the desert  

7. AlKhalifa used the fact that some people travel to India or Basra (to trade/ study) for months to take over their lands

8. Bahrain regime’s attempts to falsify history will fail because all British, Portuguese & Indian documents prove who the native ppl are 

9. The wealthy families of native Bahrainis inherited their wealth from their grandparents

10. Those who suddenly became wealthy acquired their wealth through corruption, bribery, & by winning suspicious tenders

11. Belgrave’s diary exposes how native Bahrainis lost their agricultural land due to illiteracy

12. Some of Bahraini farmers kept working on their land even after it became government property

13. Homes close to the sea were lost because government procrastinated distributing inherited property to its beneficiaries

14. The families who worked in the trade industry kept their wealth to some extent

15. Slyly, government property transformed into ruling family’s private property & agricultural lands became owned by people of the desert

16. To the same government official we say: What about those who acquired their wealth through corruption?

17. My tweets might have sound discriminative, but I respect all the people of Bahrain & refuse distorting history for political purposes

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Arrest of Ahlam AlKhuzaie

Ahlam AlKhuzaie was arrested last night at the airport. She was on her way to attend Amnesty's function in Tunisia

Bahrain's Ambassador in Tunisia tried to stop the function together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs through diplomatic figures
Bahrain regime even used its influential Israeli friends in Amnesty International to try to stop the function 

The aim of Bahrain regime was to hinder her attendance thus proving the fact that it fears its scandals & violations

Although Ahlam AlKhuzaie was released earlier today, her absence in the Amnesty function will prove Bahrain regime’s dictatorship & oppression