Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tweets on Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry

These tweets were posted prior to the elections of the members of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

1. As expected, most aristocrats changed their standpoint to protect themselves after the security clampdown except a few

2. We expected/hoped these aristocrats wouldn’t participate in the sectarian revenge process
3. But in Bahrain: You are with me in all the wrong I commit or else I would count you on their side

4. Remorseful people who expressed loyalty by visiting the Prime Minister didn’t make him forget the names of those who helped protesters
5. Instead the Prime Minister chose to delay his retribution from Sunnis while concentrating the revenge on Shiites
6. He worked to benefit the Sunni community thus increasing sectarian alignment. He thought this will protect him/his children

7. Mass revenge was the title of the next stage. And it included the whole Shiite sect
8. However you participated, you had to pay the price of belonging to the sect that rebelled against the Prime Minister’s rule
9. Businessmen were forced to participate in sectarian revenge. Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry dismissed A. Al Aali & E. Al Daaysi

10. Qualified people were not hired for sectarian reasons because this was the official trend & they were cowards to say NO

11. The shameful acts turned BCCI into an ostrich burying its head when calls for boycott were underway by Sunni Clerics
12. Sunni businessmen knew that this would backfire on them but they were too cowardly to take stand

13. Jawad and others, members of & under the umbrella of BCCI, have been attacked but BCCI disregarded what happened
14. Goods were damaged due to delays in entry but the ostrich, BCCI, chose to ignore it

15. Tenders were distributed upon “good” businessmen while the “bad” businessmen did not receive anything
16. Tomorrow is BCCI’s general assembly. Go and ask them regarding their wavering stance
17. Remind them how Kuwait’s businessmen defended democracy in their Chamber of Commerce & threatened to withdraw their investment
18. Give BCCI a picture of an ostrich on Lamees’ behalf and send them my regards
19. Tell the members of BCCI: if you act submissively, what did you leave for the poor people? 
20. Tell the BCCI members: if you are not eligible, leave it for others  who can manage and help the country before it’s too late

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