Friday, August 24, 2012

Hussam Al Haddad - Eid's Martyr

1. Hussam AlHaddad, a 16 year old teenager was killed one night prior to Eid celebrations

2. The MOI statement stated he was killed by a military patrol in self defense although bird shot pellets were on his back

3. His body was then beaten & kicked viscously & he was not taken to the hospital instantly

4. King of Bahrain‘s gift to his people is the blood of a martyr whereas the martyr’s gift is heaven

5. To those who claim to fight terrorism with bloodshed we say terrorism leaves behind hundreds of casualties

6. We are approaching 2yrs since the start of Bahrain revolution and not a single person was killed from the mercenary

7. Bahrain: AlWefaq has always asked protestors to remain peaceful despite the use of bird shot pellets by mercenary riot police

8. Sh. Isa Qassim has always stressed on unity whereas Sunni Sheikhs has stressed hatred, violence, and exclusion

9. Bahrain: We need people who bring together the 2 sects in a hard time like this

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Scandal Regarding "Cutting the Mu'athin's Tongue's Case"

1. A new scandal regarding the "Mu'athin's tongue's" case in which 10 people were arrested & sentenced to 10-15 yrs appeared

2. Through fabricated cases like this one, the regime intended to ignite sectarian strife in Bahrain to distract public opinion

3. Bahrain government claimed that demonstrators had cut off a Mu'athin's tongue & used its official media to support the case

4. This video proves with documents Bahrain regime's intention in igniting sectarian conflict 

5. A document from the labor market to the Criminal Court proves victim was 2 individuals rather than 1 

6. Irfan, the construction worker claimed by Bahrain regime to be a Mu'athin, left days after airing the interview

7. The patient residing in BDF hospital who is in a coma is another person

8. We challenge BTV to videotape him to compare the footage with last year's interview

9. The "original" Irfan's statements & pictures have disappeared lately from the case's file

10. To loyalists who believe biased media in Bahrain: we brought forward tons of evidence; regime brought forward a flimsy case

11. 10 detainees & 10 families still pay the price of this lie

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opposition from Within: Shaikh Abdulla AlKhalifa

1. Sh. Abdulla bin Moh’d AlKhalifa is a member of the ruling family in Bahrain but he lives with his family in exile

2. Members of his family have left Bahrain 90 yrs ago because of disagreements within the ruling family

3. He became known through his Twitter account revealing that he is against the regime in

4. When the revolution started, Sh. Abdulla’s tweets were with the regime in Bahrain, but he proudly announces his opposition now  

5. Sh. Abdulla states that there is a “declared King” while in truth “another King” runs Bahrain and this is a disaster 

6. Sh. Abdulla: there is an opposition within the ruling family & I’m a member of it. We will escalate in the appropriate time

7. Sh. Abdulla: The opposition within the ruling family includes 150 people, a few of them outside Bahrain while the majority is inside
8. Sh. Abdulla: We are studying approaching human rights organizations and the International Court of Justice

9. Sh. Abdulla: Not all members of the ruling family in Bahrain are treated equally; some even live on loans

10. Sh. Abdulla: We do not intend to overthrow the King instead we intend to organize the situation in Bahrain

Comments on a Popular Kuwaiti Series

A Kuwaiti series portrays Saddam’s invasion reminding them of bad memories. To Bahrain it reminds us of the agony we suffer daily  
Prisoners queuing up for food in the series made me wonder how prisoners spend Ramadan particularly those in solitary confinement

How do executioners ask for God’s mercy when breaking their fast while their hands are contaminated with blood?

One day I will write a series about what took place in Bahrain & how our neighbors betrayed us. It will end with national reconciliation

In the Bahraini version of the series, the person robbing your home will sadly be Bahraini or a mercenary 

In the Bahraini version of the series: the person torturing u will be a citizen just like you aiming to receive rewards & benefits from government

In the Bahraini version: u will see how a person is tortured in front of his brother & how detainees were sexually harassed

No one will feel or understand how Kuwaitis felt in that phase except the people of Bahrain simply because we are still living that period

Bahrain Signed the Children's Act

Children’s act issued today will be taken to Geneva to show it off. 46 detained & tortured kids should know of this achievement

Stunned by a loyalist Consultant who said: I was asked to teach them how to torture prisoners without killing them, I realized what you're saying