Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lamees Dhaif on CNN - Al Khawaja Hunger Strike

These tweets were posted after CNN interviewed Lamees Dhaif and Maryam Al-Khawaja regarding Al-Khawaja's hunger strike:

CNN's coverage of Bahrain about Al-Khawaja & interviews with @maryamalkhawaja

Lamees Dhaif to the CNN: Al-Khawaja's case is a clear example of the arrogant & suppressive regime in Bahrain

Al-Khawaja, other political figures, 600 others are detained, & ~4000 have been charged for opposing Bahrain regime.

Through his hunger strike: Al-Khawaja says: Its freedom or death & it's clear Bahrain regime prefers his death rather than showing sympathy

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: reforms Bahrain gov talks about are promises. Nothing felt on the ground, a way to beatify its image internationally

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: unlike others, I encourage the F1 to take place in Bahrain so that the world would know our tragic reality 

Lamees Dhaif to CNN: seeking democracy is ongoing daily in Bahrain but the media intentionally neglects the humanitarian catastrophe

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