Friday, February 22, 2013

King Hamad's Donation to Sandhurst Military Academy

Britain’s Sandhurst has accepted a £3million donation from King of Bahrain. Critics considered it a bribe to buy their silence

King Hamad: 54% of Bahrain's people are below the poverty line. You spend the country's money & then get surprised why they revolted!

£3million to refurbish a hall, while the ramshackle houses' project has been suspended for 4yrs?

UK Critics: King of Bahrain plans to buy Britain's silence on his brutal repression of demonstrators & it is wrong to accept his donation

The newly refurbished Mons Hall, named after a battle in which 1000s died, will now be called King Hamad Hall

Critics said that Sandhurst 'betrays' heroes of Mons for the generous donation from the King of

After ~ 2 yrs of Prince William's wedding, Brits still criticize its cost although Kate's family paid for it

In Bahrain, the King spends from the country's budget and the people should remain silent!

In the West, no one dares to touch the country's budget unless it's through the parliament's approval

They fear the media's criticism. There, the ruler is not perceived as God and people as the sheep