Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tweets on the proposed confederation between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

1. A union bet Norway & Sweden, Denmark & Iceland, Britain & Ireland is logical because they're proportional in most aspects
2. But a union between Bahrain & KSA is hilarious especially that Bahrain's size is similar to that of a village in Saudi      
3. Bahrain & KSA aren't proportional economically, politically, nor militarily. It's closer to colonialism/ occupation NOT a union  
4. Can France predominate over Algeria & call it a union? How do they understand unity & equivalence of power?
5. Our parliament might be phony now,  but soon it would be non-existent!
6. Bahrain's independence was sold! Those celebrating reminded me of Lebanese Christians who were jubilant upon France's colonialism
7. In 1799 Busaiid invaded Bahrain & they gave to AlKhalifa by a contract in which AlKhalifa had to pay a certain fee
8. After 30 yrs AlKhalifa asked for help from AlSa'ud in order to get rid of this contact 

9. Bahrain was colonized by KSA and AlKhalifa asked for help again from Busaiid & the Persians to sign a peace deal with Britain
10. Bahrain regime does not learn from historical mistakes  

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