Friday, April 6, 2012

More tweets about Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja after his health detriorated:

Since the 50's,  "Al-Khalifa" have arrested dissidents or sent them to exile rather than submitting to their demands!

Political figures have been tortured for hating Bahrain regime. People then detested the regime even more than ever

Didn't Bahrain regime learn something from its history with its own people? From the history of other nations?

Inform Bahrain's King: rulers acquire people's love by compassion not cruelty/ Attain respect through wisdom not arrogance

Inform Bahrain's King: If Al-Khawaja died, he will become a legend. King will prove that he is a stubborn tyrant

Inform Bahrain's King: he "might" evade responsibility of martyrs killed by his mercenaries  

Inform Bahrain's King: he "would not" be guiltless from the blood of Khawaja, who is dying slowly in front of him

Khawaja: you troubled Bahrain's regime while you were free, & you troubled them even more while you're imprisoned!!

This is a recent picture of Khawaja. May Allah free him soon

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  1. Abdulhadi is a traitor with the help of mushaima and rajaab they split the kingdom in two halves, promoting violence and urging the killing of police officers with homemade bombs- Molotov cocktails - kidnapping and torturing law abiding citizen - polluting our air with burning tires scaring children - attacking and killing foreign workers- all the things they accuse the government of doing- the prophet Ibrahim was handed down 10 commandments for humanity the most important
    thou shalt not kill!! also
    thou shalt not bare false witness
    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. shouting allah akbar is taking his name in vain!!
    They are false Muslims not following what is preached.
    There is a civil war brewing caused by the misinformation of people like you not knowing how good you have it until it is gone and you wished to have to past wonderful life back!