Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the first anniversary Bahrain's revolution, these tweets were posted:

A year passed. They got armies, mercenary, controlled the media, threatened  & suppressed you but you remained steadfast, brave people of Bahrain 

I will recall on the 1st occasion of our revolution some achievements that might not be vivid to some

1. During this year: we have uncovered the ugly tribal nature of Bahrain regime. It is sectarian, tyrannical, & retroactive

2. We realized that modern life & the cement cities are a deceptive crust & do not cover the life of Middle Ages in which we live

3. This experience made us aware of our rights & we became mature in dealing with them whereas the regime still deals with force  

4. Our political leaders &human rights activists became refined and new leaders were formed in each area

5. All legislative & human rights organization lined up with us & admitted justice of our demands even those of allied countries

6. Even though Bahrain spent billions to distort opposition, they could not achieve what opposition achieved with the simplest tools

7. Even in countries that support each other whether "wrong or right", we were able to push elites to line up with us

8. The future that we want for our children and grandchildren to live in became apparent

9. We were blundering in our fight against corruption, discrimination, & now we know our goals

10. We uncovered people with counterfeit consciences, paid journalists, slaves & beneficiaries of regime & those with double standards

9. We got united: Islamists, liberal, communists, seculars, educated, rich, poor, men & women. We became stronger

10. Our regime became blundered & confused thus making uncalculated decisions whereas the opposition is working with proper tactics

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