Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No. 1: Day of biggest treason

After the withdrawal of the security forces on 15 February, the Pearl Roundabout was left to the demonstrators after the police tightened its grip and banned the rallies to stand, not to speak of sit-in. We believe that the move stems from faith in the very best sense of that word and Egypt’s lesson to clamp down on demonstrations has been fruitful. As the King of Bahrain and Minister of Interior have expressed their sympathy with the victims, we said with good intentions, the matter would be resolved as soon as possible until it became clear that the point is just a “trap” to crack down brutally on protesters as they slept. These questions are to be raised among the conscious people:

Why did the security forces attack the protesters at three ‘clock in the morning? Why didn’t they attack them at midnight when the people are still awake? Why didn’t they delay the attack to the morning? Is it wise to launch a vicious surprise assault on women, elders and kids and the attack has come without warning? If the regime’s objective was to disperse the mass protests, not retaliation, why not give the opportunity for demonstrators to escape as tear gas and sound bombs were  strong enough to make them move out of the way, and the peaceful demonstrators were surrounded by the riot police and their unique guilt was to spark an outcry against the government. Why were they chased down with unleashing bullets? It is indeed a coward act; it does not suit any state that respects itself and its people. We have the right to call this surprise attack the day of biggest treason.

At 1 o’clock noon on the day of treason 2011-02-27

Message No.2: Good and bad folks

This question is to those who gloat over the turmoil in Bahrain, if those incidents took place in any other country and people, would you be overjoyed and never shed tears? If you heard that any other regime sought the help of foreign mercenaries to run over unarmed demonstrators without guns and knives and they are punished because they are poverty-stricken people who are unjustly treated and demand freedom and honest life. You heard how they were prevented from the medical treatment and hospitals were violated, doctors were beaten and wounded people were pulled out from the hospital beds and no distinction was made between kids, women, and elders in such a revengeful and raging brutality, would you be on cloud nine and in a state of ecstasy!!!!

We cannot believe that Muslims who share together the same homeland and are aware that their fellow countrymen have suffered from difficulty and bitter hardship. Unfortunately, a significant number of gloaters suffer from the same straitened circumstances!
In addition, they know that their fellows have experienced discrimination and marginalization as well as their demands will be for the welfare of the entire society, however, their hearts are hardened and they come to accept injustice as part of life. They harm those honest and scrupulous people with their gloating feelings and making light of the lost lives.
Those who showed sympathy for Mohammed Al-Durra, Mohammed Bouazizi, Ahmed Said and the victims of Alexandria church did not ask about their religions, sects and piety. Those high principled people sympathize with their brothers and sisters in humanity, what is wrong with their brothers of faith and land neighbors.
And those who encourage the regime to exercise more injustice and error to demonstrators, neither love the regime nor the homeland as they claim, however, they love themselves. They are keen on gaining more benefit from the situation by overlooking the fact that we are in the same boat and those who are playing with peoples’ misfortunes and injustice shall be the losers.
Our word to those guys of good character, minds and principles:
“Fearing not the blame, today is your right to say.
A word to those few unscrupulous and unprincipled folks:

This is a video footage which displays the security forces attacked the sleeping demonstrators without given them any opportunity to escape.

Message No. 3: The One-sided TV

Few minutes ago, the one-sided TV station broadcasted, sorry Bahrain’s state-run TV station, footage on the pre-dawn massacre carried out by the police. The report was edited but its gaps were as usual bigger than any sensible person can imagine!!!

*The broadcast footage on Bahrain TV showed live ammunition and pistols  it claims it was found with protesters and the Ministry of Interior spokesperson Samira Ragab claimed that hidden bombs were found there but the official story was ill-assorted and unsuccessful. If there were pistols as you showed on TV after taking possession of the site for hours, why were the pistols not used against you? For what purpose was the pistol possessed if the demonstrators will brutally assaulted by the army? No, the pistols will be left to you as an evidence for your convenience!!!!!

*The report showed in the state television channel swords and knives it claims it found. By the way, the knives are brand-new and I guess these goods are bought from Ramez Store in Manama and the footage showed scores of video images of demonstrators running scared and no video tape, including the Ministry of Interior ten-hour-made video showed that protesters have beaten the riot police.

* The footage showed the Yemeni law enforcement officials wounded in their heads. Well, let’s suppose that demonstrators threw stones at the security forces, how would the riot police be injured while wearing helmets which can prevent bullet penetration?

*Of course, the climax of the play ended by an image of a serviceman with a stomach slit open and the question to be raised here is: how on earth can a demonstrator get closer to a serviceman holding a gun in his hand with a sword and cut open the military soldier’s stomach. If the serviceman’s wounds were in his back, we would have believed the story but the story of Joseph and Zulaikha scenario is not to the point!!!! Of course we never expect that the security forces will make the true revelations of the massacre and our expectation was that they would have resorted to its bullies and schemes to distort images and positions rejected by logic and which is the same scenario as it used to be fabricated in the Egyptian mass media.

The plain truth: What happened today is a brutal attack on defenceless demonstrators at the crack of dawn, tell as you like a pack of lies and the truth will prevail.

At 4:30 of the day of biggest treason

Message No.4: to Bahrain’s Minister of Health Dr Faisal Al Hamer

When the riot police attempted in the seventies to storm into the college, The Minister of Education at that time Dr Ali Fakhro stopped them, not allowing the campus to be violated and the students to be terrorized. The Bahrainis praised his position and he is still a Bahraini icon of principles and determination and despite the fact that he is out of the limelight. We wish this example could be applied to the Minister of Health.
Although Dr Faisal Al Hamer was at the centre of the event, he failed to carry out his duties by protecting physicians and nurses who were brutally assaulted, beaten and harassed in service. He allowed the hospital to be the focal point of an inhumane army who ruthlessly brutalized the wounded given that the international treaties, conventions and declarations on wars “ wars , not peaceful protests ‘’ recognized the fact that they shall have the right to medical treatment and medication. It seems that this right is not recognized in the eyes of the Health Minister!!
A word of mouth to the Minister of Health:
“You will never stay in office all your life and you will not stay in this post longer than others. We advise you to take a humanitarian and professional position otherwise your reputation will be tarnished with people’s outrage and you will be infamous as the doctor who held the office of the minister of health and tolerated that doctors and hospital policies be violated.

At 6:30 pm on the 18th day of February

Message No.5: Well done, Bahrain Army!!

As reported, the army and its tanks have withdrawn from the area around the Pearl roundabout. Many thanks to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces for his wise, rational and humanitarian gestures. The Bahraini army is highly appreciated on its return to the normal military monotony rather than its attacks, patrols and heroism.
The army utilized 20% of Bahrain annual budget for 40 years now, and this budget could have been allocated for basic services but finally this army did a good job by beating, terrorizing, and firing live bullets against defenceless Bahrainis!!!!

Those servicemen dressed in military badges, stars and medals have the right today to raise their heads high and flaunt themselves with commanders of other armies for their landmark bravery after having killed a middle-aged man in the fifties, shooting at the demonstrators at prayer, firing at women and kids, and wounding hundreds of injuries from the fellow countrymen!!

This is such a purely heroic act!!!!

History is thus rewritten!!

At 3:10 on the 19th day of February 2011-02-28

Message No.6: Origins of Lies

100,000 Bahrain loyalists pledge support to King Hamad? And 150,000 government loyalists demonstrated in a show of support according to an official statement made in an international TV channel?
Minister of Health of Bahrain, Faisal Bin Yacoub Al Hamer said that three people were wounded only and no one was killed in the yesterday confrontation during the police operation to oust the protesters!!!! Some officials denied the use of live bullets against protesters!!! And according to some pro-government callers on the TV stations said that the demonstrators were about to storm into their houses if not protected by the army!
The aerial images broadcasted by the one-sided TV station showed how small the marchers rally was and the number of pro-government loyalists was not more than 3000 supporters. The images unveiled that about half of the number were Indian, Arabs and worshippers at Friday prayer  were from expatriates, they were asked to dance before the media cameras!!
The majority of true Bahrainis and despite their love for the Al-Khalifa dynasty and leadership as well as the huge mobilization of pro-government marchers rally were in such embarrassment to take to the streets to take part in such a march rally of joys and mourners at the funeral. The pro-regime demonstration was seen by many as a source of gloat as well as it sprinkles some salt on the open wounds. The shared landmark feature of most Bahrainis, no matter how different they are in demands and orientations, is humanity and good manners.

A word to say to the incredible Minister of Health:  pay a visit to the hospital or ask the doctors and you will know that 74 people were wounded yesterday, 9 patients entered the operating theatre and one dead and the other was medically defined as clinically dead. If you want, I will give you copies of x-ray images which I have and the photos show live bullets in parts of the demonstrators’ bodies.
Yet, the allegedly pack of lies to be given that demonstrators stormed into houses and assaulted civilians is too silly to be believed.
Stop telling blatant lies. Do not seek to provoke the situation with sheer nonsense and stop those biased newspapers from escalating the situation with their articles.  
At 9:00 p.m on the 19th day of February, 2011

Message No.7: To Sunni Bahrainis, with love

Discrimination created by the father between his sons and daughters within the same family causes a rift among brothers. This is exactly what the power does when there is no social equality among its citizens in Bahrain where the divide between nationals is pronounced. The main point in Bahrain is not sectarian as some like to make it appear. The division is not along sectarian lines between Sunnis and Shiites. The Bahraini society is based on harmony and reconciliation with all sects. It is rather a question of persecuted people who seek justice, dignity and reforms against those who want the nation to be as “a special estate”, they want the Bahrainis to be subjects, not citizens. The picture in Bahrain is clear-cut and the accumulation of events which led to the uprising is known. It is fortunate that The Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa is aware that the frustrations and government’s failures to meet the Bahrainis “ambitions have lead to these anti-government protests.’’ He told Al
Arabiya television and his statement was not safe from the scissors of censorship in the one-sided Bahrain TV!!

We want stability to be sought, and bloodshed to be prevented .We do not want new families for grief. Unity is required among Bahrainis for the welfare of the State and people and the regime’s immediate steps are needed in a bid to defuse unbridled anger.
Long live Bahrain!  , may Allah protect Sunni and Shiite Bahrainis from plights, disagreement and division among people.

At the crack of dawn on the 20th day of February, 2011

Message 8: To Sh. Dr Abdullatif Al Mahmood

We would like to confirm that we are aware of your national history, your heroic deeds as you preferred to keep out of the limelight as form of opposition. Your role is greatly appreciated, and your speech yesterday was heard in which you required the powers to be granted to the Bahraini people as well as you asserted that the leadership in Bahrain shall eliminate all forms of discrimination and assignments shall be granted on the basis of qualifications and honesty and the reference is made to those unqualified figures who hold positions in Bahrain government. In addition, your highlight on the living conditions and human rights in Bahrain as well as the plunder of the nation’s wealth is appreciated.

All your demands are the same as that of the national opposition demands for years and we forcibly wonder:
why have we been left alone for years demanding for reforms and many figures claimed to be satisfied forever? The result was that the Bahraini movement has lost some of its impetus and leverage  because it was not the focal point of activists of all over the political spectrum .
We will not talk about the past. Present matters .We are overjoyed to see yesterday people of all colours together –Sunnis and Shiites under the same banner of unity but we will reprove as friends: why was the rally constrained to one party ? And why the other associations were not called to the rally? Half slogans chanted at the Pearl Roundabout are centred on unity and brotherhood between Sunnis and Shiites however; the slogans leaflets distributed to the marchers were short of any reference to the said terms?
How significant is the call for the sit-in today in the Marina Club? Is it to test endurance? And what are you trying exactly to prove?

Our Honourable Sheikh, with the exception of your speech, the rally seemed yesterday as an over inflated pro-government normal march and many rally marchers were from the various political spectrums. They expected that the mission of the Nationalist Democratic Rally Society would be different but it was not, hopefully it was not done on purpose.

A word to say to Our Honourable Sheikh and honest fellow countrymen
Unity, calm and family reunification  are required in Bahrain ,not those appeals for unity shrouded in provocation and confused political positions. Polarization is needed and no enemies lying in wait from abroad. It is the discharge of past accumulated anger and frustration all at once. No gains will be achieved to Bahrainis without unity, no cunning, revealing and concealing shall be practiced .We do not want our demands to be partisan demands .We want our protests to be straightforward, may Allah grant us success and may Allah protect us and make our hearts firm to mend the awkward situation .
We are at your service and the service of all nationalists who want glory and honour to the nation and people.

Message 9: We are fed up with Iran!!!!

As a Bahraini national with definite Bahraini roots, my close ties with Iran lies in the fact that I like Chelow Kebab, an Iranian dish, especially with saffron. I have suffered from how people try to link Bahraini Shiites to Iran, and I am fed up with hearing the name of Iran as well!!

The paradox lies in the fact that Iran is not our concern. Iran interests writers and pro-Iranian analysts. But the local media attributes our internal crisis to Iran, and they go on to claim that Iran has a in what is going on in Bahrain now. Moreover, they claim that every opponent is funded by Iran, and it is the driving force of all the nation’s plights. It is also likely that the proliferation of crows, the death of nightingales and swine influenza are likely to be caused by Iran.
Iran ……..Iran………………….Iran, you do not get bored of Iran as an excuse for everything!!

Shiites of Bahrain are pure Arabs and the history books scattered all over the world have traced back their origins and history with supporting documents. There are some Bahrainis of Iranian origin, Sunnis or Shiites. They chose to live in Bahrain; otherwise they would not have settled down and lived for generations. Stop distorting facts and levelling false accusations. What happened in Bahrain is an internal issue. Frustration, accumulated oppression and hopes that emancipation could be a reality after both uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, are behind the growing tension here. Iran itself is witnessing similar anti-regime protests, hopefully that the uprising there will be victorious. We take sides with all revolutionaries in all parts of the world. It is too naïve to think that we favour a repressive Iranian regime or an Islamic rule. We call for  the establishment of a civil modern State where citizens enjoy equal rights irrespective of any other criteria .
Stop misrepresenting reality which no one will believe but you. By the way, it is just a repeated story chanted by Arab rulers at each crisis.
Stop being Iranian-maniacs, stop punishing Bahrain’s Shiites for being Shiites, stop accusing the Shiite community of loyalty to Iran owing to the fact that they share the same sect and some Shiite clerics are pro-Iranians.
No Bahraini Sunnis throughout the world will be charged on the suspicion for being an ally for Egypt or following Saudi dictates because their clerics are just from Egypt and Saudi Arabia isn’t it?

If the outcry is about the Iranian and Lebanese TV stations keen on the news coverage of events in Bahrain, what about the foreign media coverage of CNN, BBC and the French channel? Are these news networks the key partners of the Iranian project as well?

That is enough!!! Allah does not love the unjust.. Bahrainis ‘patriotism is above suspicion. If injustice is mainly due to the fact that I like their Chelow Kebab, then I will give it up. Mercy on us and please no Iran shall be heard again.
May Allah protect you.

Written on the 11th day of February, 2011.

Message 10: One –Sided TV Station again

Since the outbreak of the political unrest in Bahrain, I appeared seven times on news networks like Aljazeera, BBC, Al-Alam News Channel and Al-Manar. However, I stopped after the Crown Prince
appeared on Bahrain TV
and I sent the following message to a senior TV officer:

Greetings to you brother,
I send this letter to you asking you to allow me to appear on BTV as a response to the Crown Prince who said : "If you want to say a word, show up on Bahrain TV. I want to remind you that this is a media network, not a military establishment. You are supposed to be unbiased and the media platform should be opened for all citizens, this is one of the fundamentals of communication as you know, and in return I will make no statements on any international channel .’’ The message ended with greetings.

On the next morning, I said that the message might have been lost on the way or kidnapped by some pirates, so I phoned him but he did not respond as he used to. And then they blame us for using other media networks to say what we need to say!!!!
The irony exists in the fact that our Bahrain’s State-run TV has upgraded its cameras and internal studios while it is still run by the same narrow-minded way of thinking that it used to be twenty years ago by turning a deaf ear to the internet, satellite channels, and social networking websites. Lies, distorting information, and blocking opinions are over now !!!!

Bahrain TV has played a destructive part in the growing sectarian rift among Bahrainis through driving the guests to use offensive terms against the protesters who have held a sit-in demonstration. In addition, the State-run station has strengthened sectarian alignment, superiority, distorting information and bias. What a painful moment it is! The international news channels are televising Bahraini concerns and worries, while the State-run TV can no longer manage to contain the situation. You have to know that their anti-national role, conspiracy against the nation and their sectarian orchestra will not be tolerated. Sheikh Fawaz and his crew should be ready for judgment day. As soon as things return back to normal and putting to work the instructions of his Majesty and Crown Prince, what shall we do to those shameful media individuals, who used to be students of communication in the police institutes and have nothing to do with principles, ethics, and goals of media?!

“A journalist who does not stand with victims neither console the weak, nor align with them against the powerful is not worth to be a journalist, and he/she is a disgrace to media’’

Robert Fisk

Message 11: Nation of Rallies

The population of Bahrain is estimated at 1,106,506 million. The native population is 48.6 percent of the population. It is about 538,000 citizens, and one-third of the population are less than 15 years old according to official statistics. The remaining number is 348,000, so from where has  the 300,000 people rally come?, and what about 600,000 people demostration?

It is such a pack of lies, the rally is overestimated, and whom are you trying to fool around? Do you want to be ridiculed by the world?
What is behind these daily demonstrations? The Minister of Interior used to comment on the heavy traffic congestion caused by anti-regime protesters.. So is this double standard policy?
Are the rallies and demonstrations becoming a means for muscle-flexing and messages to be sent to parties in power and abroad?

Our speech is for all people:
Do not be pawns on chess where you are not familiar with the rules of the game.
Do not give permission for a small number of people to affect a whole nation for their positions which are deemed of more significance than the Bahraini people. Those power brokers do not love Sunnis and Shiites –You have to understand that love for every individual, family and part is based on how you serve the country and how obedient you are. The political power categorises the Muslim Sunni opponent as an outcast and you know hundreds of examples in the present and past. The Shiite Muslim loyalist who serves the power is loved and shall be posted in positions such as minister and ambassador and he will be bestowed with bounties and privileges.

Bahrainis, wake up!!!!!
No value is here for your sects, no weight is given for your names, origins, districts, heights, and
weights. You are used as a milking cow whose milk, meat and skin are liked but it is not liked for itself.
Therefore, value is given for Bahrainis who are obedient.

Wake up, Bahraini people!!!

Where has the nation’s wealth gone away?  Where have the lands disappeared? How long are you going to remain smiling and labeled as Indians of the Gulf States? (No insult) How different are Bahrainis from Kuwaitis? Bahrainis and Emiratis? and Bahrainis and Qataris? We live in the same territory, just few kilometres from each other but you have never wondered what is behind the gap among us and them? How come the Bahrainis seem to be the poorest people in the Gulf States with the richest dynasty in history?

We do not want to topple the ruling regime, and removing the power from them is beyond dispute. Yet, we want to ammend the situation, resolve the issues and sort out internal matters. No for challenges and empty parades. Nothing will be achieved if Bahrainis continue in such a state of coma where life is stolen before their eyes and all their thinking is centred on this and that guy’s sect .
How awful your judgment is!!!!

At 10 o’clock

Thoughts on Wrath

We stand at a crossroads in Bahrain. Wisdom, fairness and compromise are required at this stage. Hopefully all Bahrainis would refrain from any naïve sectarianism and avoid stereotypes and impromptu assumptions. This report is an attempt to put you in the picture and gain quite revealing insights about the events in my beloved country.

Who are those sit –in demonstrators?

Those demonstrators are grown, mature and calm youth. Actually, most of them are women. They are not veiled, their identities are known and you can get their names with ease and open-handedness. They insist on the fact that their protests shall be peaceful as they stand in peace on both roadsides, not in the middle, sitting on the ground or the sidewalks, raising their hands as the riot police gets nearer, they demonstrate the same way as do the protesters all over the developed countries. No tyres were burnt, no traffic signs were broken, no stones were thrown, and no gas cylinder was exploded, though it was claimed that a cylinder gas truck was stolen to be exploded. No swords and knives were carried as claimed by some biased sources. If any of this had taken place, all photos would be posted and published as headlines in every newspaper in the next day. These anti-regime demonstrators are of a different type, they wave the Bahraini flag and cheer out of love and sacrifice in body and soul for Bahrain. Sometimes, they shout: peaceful, peaceful to remind themselves and others that their rally is peaceful and it should be so. This civil style in expression was our appeal in the past years and even when the security forces left the squares for demonstrators, may be as a way to test their intentions and backgrounds, they kept calm and no escalation was on their parts. They did not throw even a facial tissue at anyone.

Why was there an abuse of power from the ruling regime?

The military presence was intense. It fired a shower of bullets, sound bombs and tear-gas in crack-down on anti-government protests. Ten people have been wounded and two killed in less than 24 hours and the demonstrators have been brutalized. The next day, the situation has drastically changed, maybe the instructions in the first day was an extreme reaction to what was taking place and the recommendation was to take repressive actions against the anti-regime protesters on the belief that protests bred a cycle of violence but the rally was peaceful and calm. The peacefulness of the demonstrations cannot be used as evidence against demonstrators unlike the case when chaos leads to street battles between demonstrators and riot police.
In both cases, His Majesty‘s speech and his assertion on the people’s right of demonstration, sit-in and freedom of speech was undoubtedly the decisive factor in the freedom granted to demonstrators.

What demands are you exactly talking about?

*Constitutional amendments to grant more powers to the people.
*A national board which shall be fully empowered to enter into a full dialogue with all parties for consensus and comprehensive national reconciliation
*stopping the political naturalization
* Accountability of embezzlers of wealth and public funds
*Removal of the rich people, whose wealth proves to be at the expense of others, leading to social stratification, and unfavourable distribution of income along with demands about improving the living conditions.
We do not think that there is any abnormal and anti-national demand. Of course, some demonstrators demand more changes such as a constitutional monarchy as well as a legislative council to be fully elected including the Shura Council but no demands are sacred. The political power can agree with the demonstrators on common ground as this is not a battle of “break the bones’’ policy as some tried to circulate.

If the demands of the anti-government protesters are like that, so why are protesters from the Shiite community? Why does the issue seem to be a sectarian rift among Sunnis and Shiites?

The unique effective way to crackdown on any popular movement is to dub it in sectarian, racial or individualistic jargon, and this exit strategy is used in Bahrain to thwart the fair demands of the opposition rally. Bahrain used to be proud for decades for its vibrant political plurality as well as what the demands of the opposition movement has achieved in the seventies. However, much sectarian problems still divide the population. The Sunni leading political figures used to put their shoulders to the wheel and the landmark achievements today are due to the Sunni prominent leaders, however, a rift developed in the community  and the Bahrainis are right now slipping into a sectarian coma, and voices fuel and instigate the sectarian hatred. As a result, Sunni and Shiites nowadays are deeply wary of each
other, and some of both sects are delusional by believing that any response to the social demands of Shiites is at the expense of Sunnis. Strife is centred on how to cherish and preserve individual gains, not national achievements, though any observer of the protesters’ demands can obviously see them devoid of sectarian labels and suggestions, and meeting these demands will provide welfare and reflect the benefit to society as a whole .

How far are Iran and Qatar having a hand in Bahrain simmering unrest?

The link is like Great Britain and India!!!! It does not make sense to believe the myth that the driving force of Bahrain uprising is motivated by foreigners. The doubts raised regarding hidden hands, foreign agendas, funds of the Iranian neo-Safawid regime and there has been no evidence of Iranian involvement for decades the transfer of remittances is observed, phone calls are monitored, movements and meetings go public and the power has all the means .You are kindly requested to show evidence that there is a direct link between Iran’s sapping and beleaguered  power, plunged into its divide and strife and the Bahrain’s political forces which are at fault, just because Shi'ism is a common denominator with Iran !!!!

Qatar’s satellite channels provide not only a platform for Bahrainis and what are these fallacies and biased assumptions on conspiracy mentality designed for?
What we are talking about is internal demands for an internal situation and it does not stand to reason to label the demands of Bahrainis for their rights or changes to be traitors, troublemakers or renegades!!!

Tension has an economic and social cost!!!

National and ideological upheavals are usually costly but it is price-inclusive as the common wisdom says.
We should agree on demands whether to be realistic, urgent and postponed, the political move is a blessing, social dialogue is a blessing, and the result is a blessing in disguise. Now is the perfect time for people to express their opinions with freedom and transparency. Thousands of protesters who took to the streets are not cats or expatriates, and if they were expatriates, their voices should be heard. Bahrain’s 17 administrative districts which have witnessed demonstrations are not in Tanzania or Bolivia, they are nationals and your fellow countrymen. The anti-government protesters’ demands for welfare and gains will benefit everyone. The problem containment and demands are to be fairly considered is a must.

Why did the demonstrations take place on the same day of the national charter? Is it to spoil the jubilation of Bahrainis?

The national charter used to be a turning point over the course of the action. It was the landmark day in the history of Bahrain followed by prosperous years. This was the dearest unprecedented day in the hearts of Bahrainis and the Bahrainis right now have no anniversary to rally around with love. At noon I attended the anniversary of Bahrain national charter in the presence of His Majesty, though at night I was with demonstrators in the hospital and I said to them:
“The national charter and its anniversary is a source of pride and happiness for us. Yet, we support the Bahrainis right for more reforms, and this is exactly the demands of our people. The charter, used to be ten years ago a shift from a repressive state into a modern one, and the anniversary may as well be the same toward a full-fledged democratic state.”

But the Bahrainis as a whole are not satisfied with such demands? Or rather the way ,these demands are expressed ?

The demonstrators have the right to protest. Each person has his/her opinion about the course of events and freedom of expression should be guaranteed. The jubilant demonstrators who took to the streets, cheering and waving national flags have the right to believe that their hopes are fulfilled, and those bearers of the Bahrain flag have the right to chant its name and demand for more freedom of expression. The most important points include the use of respectful language and mutual appreciation. Objectivity should prevail and the demonstrators in the streets should not be labelled as traitors, troublemakers and anarchists and those loyalists who pledge support to the king, chanting and carrying posters of the monarch are not political sycophants, social climbers and opportunists. Each person has his point of view and freedom of speech should be observed as Voltaire said “I disagree with you, but I'm ready to die to let you express your opinion”.

So what?

Bahrain is the homeland for all sects, and the days to come will be better and do not get scared of changes and upheavals to take place and turn a deaf ear to agents of wrath and sowers of discord.

Man proposes and God disposes