Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These tweets are about Abdul Hadi Al-Khawaja. He is a political figure who is undergoing hunger strike in prison:

What did Bahrain regime benefit from arresting, torturing, & sentencing political figures, knowing that sentences will have 2 be dropped sooner/ later

Political figures were mainly charged 4 inciting hatred against Bahrain regime; Isn’t the regime real inciter of hatred through its actions & failures?

A.Hadi Al-Khawaja: received most of the annoyance. His brutal arrest, horrific torture, & broken bones were likely the result of old revenge

We failed in giving Khawaja & other detainees their rights. Bahrain regime succeeded in distracting us from concentrating on detainees’ rights

Bahrain regime managed to implant fear & oppression in every corner. In every family there’s a martyr, detainee, suspended, or tortured

If Bahrain regime thinks it will break detainees w/ its barbarity, it is delusional. It magnified them & dwarfed itself. Freedom 4 Khawaja & all detainees

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