Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These tweets were posted after pro-government militias killed Ahmed Ismail. His body was shot at with live bullets.

This is Ahmed Ismail's mother visiting the site where he was shot dead by government thugs bit.ly/HcuSMk

Ahmed Ismail was killed by mercenaries while filming their crimes. He is a “citizen journalist”, the 3rd blogger killed by Bahrain regime

How will Bahrain regime justify killing him? How will it explain the presence of bullets in his body? Who is really armed in the country?

Dozens of people were killed by Bahrain regime that continues to cover up the killers & did not bring any of them to trial

For the alleged killing of a policeman & an expatriate 100s were arrested whereas death of 76 ppl go without proper investigation Bahrain

Bahrain regime is using armed militias to ignite a civil war

Any opportunity for a political settlement or dialogue requiring the PM’s resignation is destroyed by these militias

These militias get orders from religious clerics who are ordered by TOP pple to destroy Bahrain with the launch of any political solution

Sectarian strife needs both sects. We won’t be part of this dirty game. We disagree with Bahrain unjust regime but will maintain our unity

Our condolences to the family of Ahmad Ismail and the people of Bahrain

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