Tuesday, April 3, 2012

These tweets were posted on 9 March 2012 which was the day that witnessed the largest rally in Bahrain's history:

Marx’ historical moment: "a unique event combining conflict & contradictions to produce radical transformation"
9March rally fits that description precisely

In 9March we want to say: We will not allow anyone to deny our existence nor falsify our identity & history

We are the native people of Bahrain. All history books document our origin
We, the native ppl of Bahrain, welcomed whoever came to live among us but we don’t accept denying our origin nor erasing our identity

Persians defeated Portuguese & ruled #Bahrain from 1521-1700 AD. Therefore some Persians outdate Al Khalifa in their existence on this land

We’re not racists. We shared our bread, land,& accepted u as rulers BUT distortion of our land, identity, or history is not allowed

We need to organize Bahrain internally. Ruling exclusively has ended. When you ruled, we became the Indians of the

You built a fragile economy based on liquor, prostitution & begging from neighboring countries!
Bahrain: locals do not exceed 570,000 /half the population is under the poverty line according to studies

Bahrain: Teaching started in 1912. Was lowest in illiteracy in Arab World until naturalization was adopted
Bahrain: Sunni & Shiite coexisted for thousands of years until sectarian discrimination was adopted to protect the regime

What did we benefit from Bahrain regime? Law isn’t respected, efficiency isn’t important,& the native person isn’t valued

Bahrain corruption: 1 third of the country is privately owned, tenders went to enrich ruling family & projects delayed 4 years

I would not say leave - we are all staying - but I say: let people run their lives and decide their fate and future

It pains me that I will not participate in the 9March but I wish everyone would shout: "Enough"!! #Bahrain

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