Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The following tweets talk about the thugs' repetitive attack on "Jawad" supermarkets and coffee shops:

MOI arrests tens of people because of a burning tire but fails to find a suspect when lives or property are at stake

We, as well as MOI, know who own arms & ammunition in Bahrain. Those armed mercenaries can be identified even in civilian clothes

https://t.co/xAUUxymS A picture of thugs waving a weapon in front of "Jawad" supermarket staff, an appalling sight in Bahrain

The weapon of "denial" was used against prophets, philosophers, scientists, & reformers   
In Bahrain, the corpses of the innocent, the whining of dismissed workers, & the oppression of the regime was seen as "lies"

Ignorant loyalists repeat "lies, lies" just like a mantra that will conceal their documented scandals & crimes

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