Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Message to the Fled Colonel

This article is addressed to a Colonel who threatened Lamees Dhaif publicly.

From the farces of this era, you stand to distribute national loyalty to those whom you see eligible although everybody in this country knows you have used your previous job in theft, extortion, and bribery. From the paradoxes of my life, a person like me has to address someone like you! But I need to do that since your threats targeted Nabeel Rajab, S. Yousif Al-Mahaftha, and Mohammed Al-Maskati (human rights activists in Bahrain). Silence is thus no longer an option.

Shouldn’t you retire in the dens and the discos that are owned by yourself day and night and wish that people would forget you and not dwell into your past? Your victims, those who you violated their chastity, tortured, and robbed are still alive and can still remember you very well. An example of these people is Ali Al-Jallawi. You told him that you are God while he was in prison and he can confirm that. Hajj Hassan Lari, whom you hanged upside down from his legs and looted from him 942 thousand dinars is still alive. He still has the checks and receipts that expose how you acquired your fortune from his source of income. Mr. Hadi Al-Moussawi whom you rubbed your shoes on his cheek and made him stand for days is a witness of your sadistic nature. Thousands of detainees, who were blackmailed, tortured, and looted by you whenever they mentioned God, are still alive. How can you preach people after all this?

How can you lead masses of people and become the head of an Islamic Society?! Wow!!
How can you be a leader while the government itself acknowledged your crimes and asked to get you back after you fled through the Interpol? But because you threatened to expose the high ranking people who are involved with you, you were not put into jail.
How dare you attack human rights activists like Nabeel Rajab, Syed Yousif Al-Mahadthah and Mohammed Al-Maskati? Don’t you know that these people are well respected by the international community and are employed by international organizations as renowned sources of information while you only appear in a TV channel that is watched by a minority?

Don’t boast your patriotism. We know that you are only trying to do this to delude people because you will be held accountable later on. You will then not find a place to live in especially after Australia deported you. You can then go to a country like Afghanistan where you can practice your hobbies in inciting people, selling weapons, and torturing others.

And for those who do not know you, we will brief them on your history so that they would come to know the type of people who work for Bahrain’s government?
From an officer with a salary of around 600 dinars living in a very modest family, Felaifil became the owner of a financial empire collected from extortion and looting. The total debts and financial cases against the colonel that were recorded by the Bahraini courts amounted to 24 million dinars. Also cases were raised against him by the Saudi businessman Omar Babtain and the Qatari Khalid Almisnad asking him to return $45 million. Although he used $100 million to purchase property in the city of Brisbane, the Australian authorities expelled him from the country.

To those who named the colonel as their leader: Did you ask yourself what is the source of his money? The technique used by Felaifil in collecting his wealth was simple: he arrested rich people and he fabricated political charges and tortured them so that they would pay. Today, he accuses the opposition of treason and it is - itself - what he was doing since 1981, the difference that - at that time - had intended the money and today he seeks a rank!

The government is to blame today for all this tension: When you steal from people and torture them and then issue a decree to say: “It passed”, you create a crisis.
When you arrest people like A.Wahab Hussein because he did not accept your point of view and leave behind someone whose hands are contaminated with blood, you create a crisis.
When you arrest intellectuals such as Ibrahim Sharif because he asked for reform and leave those who call for armed confrontation, you create a crisis. Don’t blame people if they hated you and did not accept you.

To the colonel we say: stop yourself and your evil tactics, even if you had to use sedative drugs! Today is not the same as yesterday. The era you spent in raping, pillaging, and killing without being watched is gone. Today we live in an open world. Worldwide organizations monitor and people at home and abroad are documenting all your actions your breath. We are not cowards like you. We will not attack you treacherously but will sue you in international courts so that you would view the airplane as a dream and a nightmare at once.

We will wait since darkness would never remain forever and truth will prevail.

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