Thursday, June 21, 2012

Detention of Children: Ali Hasan as an example

1. Ali Hasan is a minor who was jailed in Bahrain for a month

2. During his trial he clinched his lawyer's clothes & said: I beg you, return me home
3. How can this child forget the torment he received from Bahrain regime?
4. How doesn’t Bahrain regime expect to be despised by its people after committing such atrocities
5. Detaining minors is a clear violation of the laws signed by Bahrain to protect children
6. Bahrain: Children are being detained frequently now in order to silence protesters
7. Bahrain regime wants to warn protesters regardless of their age or type of activity the person performs at the time of arrest

8. The situation in Bahrain is unpredictable and chaotic just like all the arbitrary arrests and fabricated charges
9. The judiciary system in Bahrain is not independent. It is politically biased!!
10. Bahrain’s judiciary system doesn’t differentiate between adults & minors in detention, torture, & fabrication of charges

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lamees Dhaif's on the Medics' Verdict

Bahrain medics trial: most medics were found innocent. Some got sham sentences so regime's judiciary system will not look so bad!

Statements from press conferences held by late Health Minister +Minister of Justice+ Minister of Info. were refuted by court today

Doctors should file cases against those who tarnished their reputation & claimed evidence against them like Bahrain TV & it's head Sh.Fawaz

As for the medics who were sentenced so Bahrain regime's lies would not seem so outrageous we say: hold on, the rounds are not over yet

Pro-gov loyalists will realize they are victims of Bahrain regime's fabrications & we're their victims bec they believed the regime

Just arrived in Tunisia for a full fledged program with amnesty & the Tunisian Center for freedom of journalism

I congratulate my sister Nada Dhaif on her innocence after charges were dropped. She became an active member of opposition 

How Can I NOT Oppose the Regime?!

1. When NABEELRAJAB gets arrested while those who stole the land & the sea are kept free, how can I not oppose the regime?!

2. When torturers & killers are kept free while a fighter like A.Wahab Hussain is still detained, how can I not oppose the regime?

3. When those spreading sectarianism are free while an intellectual like Ibrahim Sharif is jailed, how can I not oppose the regime?

4. When 840 men are imprisoned because of oppression & those who robbed ALBA's 2million are
free, how can I not oppose the regime?

5. When 4 die due to torture in prison & not a single official is held accountable, how can I not oppose the regime?

6. When the families of 84 martyrs still wait for someone to avenge them, how can I not oppose the

7. When clouds of toxic gases deprive citizens of their right to clean air because they protested, how can I not oppose the regime?

8. When media is used to spread lies, insults, & fabrications w/o being given the right to reply, how
can I not oppose the regime?

9. When Drs got arrested for treating the wounded & those who shot protesters were protected, how can I not hate the regime?
10. It claims to protect children but arrests 40 minors/ & to enable women but abuses them in jail, how can I not despise Bahrain regime?

11. A regime that denies my existence, plans to sell Bahrain's independence, & spreads sectarianism should be reformed or should perish