Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tweets about businessmen who suffered as a result of the boycott practiced by the two sects and acts of vandalism by thugs:

1.In training, we were asked to question businessmen about any investigation because  they use floating, vague & awfully courteous words
2) When listing the categories that sacrificed & were targeted by the regime, we tend to forget our honorable businessmen
3.The businessmen sacrificed silently and stood against patriotism
4. They underwent countless abuses by the regime. Not only have they been deprived from tenders; Thugs vandalized their property
 5. If protestors vandalized the property of pro-government businessmen, the whole country would be made chaotic by hypocrites
6. The sectarian boycott included every Shiite businessman whether he supported the protestors or not
7. The religious Sheikhs shamelessly incited cutting people’s source of income for unabashedly sectarian considerations
8. No wonder - people follow the religion of their kings, as they say - & our regime believes in collective punishment & rewards it
9. Their boycott did not affect businessmen; God is the one who makes a person wealthy or poor
10. What hurts is the sectarian hatred and the ugly hostility that dispersed in the Bahrain's social environment
11. Businessmen suffering from this cheap target: sorry we forgot you when recalling those who sacrificed, Bahrain & history won’t forget you

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