Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tweets on Naturalization of Saddam's Commandoes

These tweets were posted when solid evidence was found to prove the naturalization of Iraqi citizens by Bahrain's regime:
1. Who did Bahrain regime use to repress & conspire against its people?
Ans: Saddam's Commandoes

2. These are the names of Saddam's Commandoes, naturalized by Bahrain regime to crush the dreams of its people

3. Who plots the fabricated plays are a few Bahrainis and a lot of Baathists

4. It's a documented scandal.  Bahrain Gov doesn't only use mercenaries in facing unarmed people, but criminals too

5. I challenge Bahrain Gov to refute this with evidence. I chose not to hide the names so that people would not doubt such document
6. Kuwait  wanted to prevent the entrance of Bahrain-is without a visa in 2008 due to info on naturalization of Saddam's Commandoes

7. Many of the detainees were subjected to brutal torture by Iraq-is but evidence was scarce at that time

8. Bahrain regime got mercenaries from Pakistan, Baluchistan, Syria, Yemen, and now Iraq to suppress unarmed people

9. The tribal rule is trying to protect itself by naturalization of ignorant terrorists & mercenaries to change the demographic structure of

10. Saddam's brutality & his Commandoes could not protect him when Allah chose to humiliate him & his family
11. Similarly Saddam's Commandoes would not be able to protect Bahrain regime's tyranny for long

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