Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No.6: Origins of Lies

100,000 Bahrain loyalists pledge support to King Hamad? And 150,000 government loyalists demonstrated in a show of support according to an official statement made in an international TV channel?
Minister of Health of Bahrain, Faisal Bin Yacoub Al Hamer said that three people were wounded only and no one was killed in the yesterday confrontation during the police operation to oust the protesters!!!! Some officials denied the use of live bullets against protesters!!! And according to some pro-government callers on the TV stations said that the demonstrators were about to storm into their houses if not protected by the army!
The aerial images broadcasted by the one-sided TV station showed how small the marchers rally was and the number of pro-government loyalists was not more than 3000 supporters. The images unveiled that about half of the number were Indian, Arabs and worshippers at Friday prayer  were from expatriates, they were asked to dance before the media cameras!!
The majority of true Bahrainis and despite their love for the Al-Khalifa dynasty and leadership as well as the huge mobilization of pro-government marchers rally were in such embarrassment to take to the streets to take part in such a march rally of joys and mourners at the funeral. The pro-regime demonstration was seen by many as a source of gloat as well as it sprinkles some salt on the open wounds. The shared landmark feature of most Bahrainis, no matter how different they are in demands and orientations, is humanity and good manners.

A word to say to the incredible Minister of Health:  pay a visit to the hospital or ask the doctors and you will know that 74 people were wounded yesterday, 9 patients entered the operating theatre and one dead and the other was medically defined as clinically dead. If you want, I will give you copies of x-ray images which I have and the photos show live bullets in parts of the demonstrators’ bodies.
Yet, the allegedly pack of lies to be given that demonstrators stormed into houses and assaulted civilians is too silly to be believed.
Stop telling blatant lies. Do not seek to provoke the situation with sheer nonsense and stop those biased newspapers from escalating the situation with their articles.  
At 9:00 p.m on the 19th day of February, 2011

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