Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message 10: One –Sided TV Station again

Since the outbreak of the political unrest in Bahrain, I appeared seven times on news networks like Aljazeera, BBC, Al-Alam News Channel and Al-Manar. However, I stopped after the Crown Prince
appeared on Bahrain TV
and I sent the following message to a senior TV officer:

Greetings to you brother,
I send this letter to you asking you to allow me to appear on BTV as a response to the Crown Prince who said : "If you want to say a word, show up on Bahrain TV. I want to remind you that this is a media network, not a military establishment. You are supposed to be unbiased and the media platform should be opened for all citizens, this is one of the fundamentals of communication as you know, and in return I will make no statements on any international channel .’’ The message ended with greetings.

On the next morning, I said that the message might have been lost on the way or kidnapped by some pirates, so I phoned him but he did not respond as he used to. And then they blame us for using other media networks to say what we need to say!!!!
The irony exists in the fact that our Bahrain’s State-run TV has upgraded its cameras and internal studios while it is still run by the same narrow-minded way of thinking that it used to be twenty years ago by turning a deaf ear to the internet, satellite channels, and social networking websites. Lies, distorting information, and blocking opinions are over now !!!!

Bahrain TV has played a destructive part in the growing sectarian rift among Bahrainis through driving the guests to use offensive terms against the protesters who have held a sit-in demonstration. In addition, the State-run station has strengthened sectarian alignment, superiority, distorting information and bias. What a painful moment it is! The international news channels are televising Bahraini concerns and worries, while the State-run TV can no longer manage to contain the situation. You have to know that their anti-national role, conspiracy against the nation and their sectarian orchestra will not be tolerated. Sheikh Fawaz and his crew should be ready for judgment day. As soon as things return back to normal and putting to work the instructions of his Majesty and Crown Prince, what shall we do to those shameful media individuals, who used to be students of communication in the police institutes and have nothing to do with principles, ethics, and goals of media?!

“A journalist who does not stand with victims neither console the weak, nor align with them against the powerful is not worth to be a journalist, and he/she is a disgrace to media’’

Robert Fisk

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