Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message 11: Nation of Rallies

The population of Bahrain is estimated at 1,106,506 million. The native population is 48.6 percent of the population. It is about 538,000 citizens, and one-third of the population are less than 15 years old according to official statistics. The remaining number is 348,000, so from where has  the 300,000 people rally come?, and what about 600,000 people demostration?

It is such a pack of lies, the rally is overestimated, and whom are you trying to fool around? Do you want to be ridiculed by the world?
What is behind these daily demonstrations? The Minister of Interior used to comment on the heavy traffic congestion caused by anti-regime protesters.. So is this double standard policy?
Are the rallies and demonstrations becoming a means for muscle-flexing and messages to be sent to parties in power and abroad?

Our speech is for all people:
Do not be pawns on chess where you are not familiar with the rules of the game.
Do not give permission for a small number of people to affect a whole nation for their positions which are deemed of more significance than the Bahraini people. Those power brokers do not love Sunnis and Shiites –You have to understand that love for every individual, family and part is based on how you serve the country and how obedient you are. The political power categorises the Muslim Sunni opponent as an outcast and you know hundreds of examples in the present and past. The Shiite Muslim loyalist who serves the power is loved and shall be posted in positions such as minister and ambassador and he will be bestowed with bounties and privileges.

Bahrainis, wake up!!!!!
No value is here for your sects, no weight is given for your names, origins, districts, heights, and
weights. You are used as a milking cow whose milk, meat and skin are liked but it is not liked for itself.
Therefore, value is given for Bahrainis who are obedient.

Wake up, Bahraini people!!!

Where has the nation’s wealth gone away?  Where have the lands disappeared? How long are you going to remain smiling and labeled as Indians of the Gulf States? (No insult) How different are Bahrainis from Kuwaitis? Bahrainis and Emiratis? and Bahrainis and Qataris? We live in the same territory, just few kilometres from each other but you have never wondered what is behind the gap among us and them? How come the Bahrainis seem to be the poorest people in the Gulf States with the richest dynasty in history?

We do not want to topple the ruling regime, and removing the power from them is beyond dispute. Yet, we want to ammend the situation, resolve the issues and sort out internal matters. No for challenges and empty parades. Nothing will be achieved if Bahrainis continue in such a state of coma where life is stolen before their eyes and all their thinking is centred on this and that guy’s sect .
How awful your judgment is!!!!

At 10 o’clock

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