Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No.4: to Bahrain’s Minister of Health Dr Faisal Al Hamer

When the riot police attempted in the seventies to storm into the college, The Minister of Education at that time Dr Ali Fakhro stopped them, not allowing the campus to be violated and the students to be terrorized. The Bahrainis praised his position and he is still a Bahraini icon of principles and determination and despite the fact that he is out of the limelight. We wish this example could be applied to the Minister of Health.
Although Dr Faisal Al Hamer was at the centre of the event, he failed to carry out his duties by protecting physicians and nurses who were brutally assaulted, beaten and harassed in service. He allowed the hospital to be the focal point of an inhumane army who ruthlessly brutalized the wounded given that the international treaties, conventions and declarations on wars “ wars , not peaceful protests ‘’ recognized the fact that they shall have the right to medical treatment and medication. It seems that this right is not recognized in the eyes of the Health Minister!!
A word of mouth to the Minister of Health:
“You will never stay in office all your life and you will not stay in this post longer than others. We advise you to take a humanitarian and professional position otherwise your reputation will be tarnished with people’s outrage and you will be infamous as the doctor who held the office of the minister of health and tolerated that doctors and hospital policies be violated.

At 6:30 pm on the 18th day of February

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