Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message 8: To Sh. Dr Abdullatif Al Mahmood

We would like to confirm that we are aware of your national history, your heroic deeds as you preferred to keep out of the limelight as form of opposition. Your role is greatly appreciated, and your speech yesterday was heard in which you required the powers to be granted to the Bahraini people as well as you asserted that the leadership in Bahrain shall eliminate all forms of discrimination and assignments shall be granted on the basis of qualifications and honesty and the reference is made to those unqualified figures who hold positions in Bahrain government. In addition, your highlight on the living conditions and human rights in Bahrain as well as the plunder of the nation’s wealth is appreciated.

All your demands are the same as that of the national opposition demands for years and we forcibly wonder:
why have we been left alone for years demanding for reforms and many figures claimed to be satisfied forever? The result was that the Bahraini movement has lost some of its impetus and leverage  because it was not the focal point of activists of all over the political spectrum .
We will not talk about the past. Present matters .We are overjoyed to see yesterday people of all colours together –Sunnis and Shiites under the same banner of unity but we will reprove as friends: why was the rally constrained to one party ? And why the other associations were not called to the rally? Half slogans chanted at the Pearl Roundabout are centred on unity and brotherhood between Sunnis and Shiites however; the slogans leaflets distributed to the marchers were short of any reference to the said terms?
How significant is the call for the sit-in today in the Marina Club? Is it to test endurance? And what are you trying exactly to prove?

Our Honourable Sheikh, with the exception of your speech, the rally seemed yesterday as an over inflated pro-government normal march and many rally marchers were from the various political spectrums. They expected that the mission of the Nationalist Democratic Rally Society would be different but it was not, hopefully it was not done on purpose.

A word to say to Our Honourable Sheikh and honest fellow countrymen
Unity, calm and family reunification  are required in Bahrain ,not those appeals for unity shrouded in provocation and confused political positions. Polarization is needed and no enemies lying in wait from abroad. It is the discharge of past accumulated anger and frustration all at once. No gains will be achieved to Bahrainis without unity, no cunning, revealing and concealing shall be practiced .We do not want our demands to be partisan demands .We want our protests to be straightforward, may Allah grant us success and may Allah protect us and make our hearts firm to mend the awkward situation .
We are at your service and the service of all nationalists who want glory and honour to the nation and people.

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