Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No. 1: Day of biggest treason

After the withdrawal of the security forces on 15 February, the Pearl Roundabout was left to the demonstrators after the police tightened its grip and banned the rallies to stand, not to speak of sit-in. We believe that the move stems from faith in the very best sense of that word and Egypt’s lesson to clamp down on demonstrations has been fruitful. As the King of Bahrain and Minister of Interior have expressed their sympathy with the victims, we said with good intentions, the matter would be resolved as soon as possible until it became clear that the point is just a “trap” to crack down brutally on protesters as they slept. These questions are to be raised among the conscious people:

Why did the security forces attack the protesters at three ‘clock in the morning? Why didn’t they attack them at midnight when the people are still awake? Why didn’t they delay the attack to the morning? Is it wise to launch a vicious surprise assault on women, elders and kids and the attack has come without warning? If the regime’s objective was to disperse the mass protests, not retaliation, why not give the opportunity for demonstrators to escape as tear gas and sound bombs were  strong enough to make them move out of the way, and the peaceful demonstrators were surrounded by the riot police and their unique guilt was to spark an outcry against the government. Why were they chased down with unleashing bullets? It is indeed a coward act; it does not suit any state that respects itself and its people. We have the right to call this surprise attack the day of biggest treason.

At 1 o’clock noon on the day of treason 2011-02-27

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  1. Lamees Dharif,

    I was at the CNN forum you participated in a few weeks ago and I recently wrote a post about it, you, and the Arab Spring. I would love for you to read it and let me know if you have any comments or a response and I would be happy to post it.