Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message 9: We are fed up with Iran!!!!

As a Bahraini national with definite Bahraini roots, my close ties with Iran lies in the fact that I like Chelow Kebab, an Iranian dish, especially with saffron. I have suffered from how people try to link Bahraini Shiites to Iran, and I am fed up with hearing the name of Iran as well!!

The paradox lies in the fact that Iran is not our concern. Iran interests writers and pro-Iranian analysts. But the local media attributes our internal crisis to Iran, and they go on to claim that Iran has a in what is going on in Bahrain now. Moreover, they claim that every opponent is funded by Iran, and it is the driving force of all the nation’s plights. It is also likely that the proliferation of crows, the death of nightingales and swine influenza are likely to be caused by Iran.
Iran ……..Iran………………….Iran, you do not get bored of Iran as an excuse for everything!!

Shiites of Bahrain are pure Arabs and the history books scattered all over the world have traced back their origins and history with supporting documents. There are some Bahrainis of Iranian origin, Sunnis or Shiites. They chose to live in Bahrain; otherwise they would not have settled down and lived for generations. Stop distorting facts and levelling false accusations. What happened in Bahrain is an internal issue. Frustration, accumulated oppression and hopes that emancipation could be a reality after both uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, are behind the growing tension here. Iran itself is witnessing similar anti-regime protests, hopefully that the uprising there will be victorious. We take sides with all revolutionaries in all parts of the world. It is too na├»ve to think that we favour a repressive Iranian regime or an Islamic rule. We call for  the establishment of a civil modern State where citizens enjoy equal rights irrespective of any other criteria .
Stop misrepresenting reality which no one will believe but you. By the way, it is just a repeated story chanted by Arab rulers at each crisis.
Stop being Iranian-maniacs, stop punishing Bahrain’s Shiites for being Shiites, stop accusing the Shiite community of loyalty to Iran owing to the fact that they share the same sect and some Shiite clerics are pro-Iranians.
No Bahraini Sunnis throughout the world will be charged on the suspicion for being an ally for Egypt or following Saudi dictates because their clerics are just from Egypt and Saudi Arabia isn’t it?

If the outcry is about the Iranian and Lebanese TV stations keen on the news coverage of events in Bahrain, what about the foreign media coverage of CNN, BBC and the French channel? Are these news networks the key partners of the Iranian project as well?

That is enough!!! Allah does not love the unjust.. Bahrainis ‘patriotism is above suspicion. If injustice is mainly due to the fact that I like their Chelow Kebab, then I will give it up. Mercy on us and please no Iran shall be heard again.
May Allah protect you.

Written on the 11th day of February, 2011.

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