Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No. 3: The One-sided TV

Few minutes ago, the one-sided TV station broadcasted, sorry Bahrain’s state-run TV station, footage on the pre-dawn massacre carried out by the police. The report was edited but its gaps were as usual bigger than any sensible person can imagine!!!

*The broadcast footage on Bahrain TV showed live ammunition and pistols  it claims it was found with protesters and the Ministry of Interior spokesperson Samira Ragab claimed that hidden bombs were found there but the official story was ill-assorted and unsuccessful. If there were pistols as you showed on TV after taking possession of the site for hours, why were the pistols not used against you? For what purpose was the pistol possessed if the demonstrators will brutally assaulted by the army? No, the pistols will be left to you as an evidence for your convenience!!!!!

*The report showed in the state television channel swords and knives it claims it found. By the way, the knives are brand-new and I guess these goods are bought from Ramez Store in Manama and the footage showed scores of video images of demonstrators running scared and no video tape, including the Ministry of Interior ten-hour-made video showed that protesters have beaten the riot police.

* The footage showed the Yemeni law enforcement officials wounded in their heads. Well, let’s suppose that demonstrators threw stones at the security forces, how would the riot police be injured while wearing helmets which can prevent bullet penetration?

*Of course, the climax of the play ended by an image of a serviceman with a stomach slit open and the question to be raised here is: how on earth can a demonstrator get closer to a serviceman holding a gun in his hand with a sword and cut open the military soldier’s stomach. If the serviceman’s wounds were in his back, we would have believed the story but the story of Joseph and Zulaikha scenario is not to the point!!!! Of course we never expect that the security forces will make the true revelations of the massacre and our expectation was that they would have resorted to its bullies and schemes to distort images and positions rejected by logic and which is the same scenario as it used to be fabricated in the Egyptian mass media.

The plain truth: What happened today is a brutal attack on defenceless demonstrators at the crack of dawn, tell as you like a pack of lies and the truth will prevail.

At 4:30 of the day of biggest treason

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