Sunday, March 6, 2011

Message No.2: Good and bad folks

This question is to those who gloat over the turmoil in Bahrain, if those incidents took place in any other country and people, would you be overjoyed and never shed tears? If you heard that any other regime sought the help of foreign mercenaries to run over unarmed demonstrators without guns and knives and they are punished because they are poverty-stricken people who are unjustly treated and demand freedom and honest life. You heard how they were prevented from the medical treatment and hospitals were violated, doctors were beaten and wounded people were pulled out from the hospital beds and no distinction was made between kids, women, and elders in such a revengeful and raging brutality, would you be on cloud nine and in a state of ecstasy!!!!

We cannot believe that Muslims who share together the same homeland and are aware that their fellow countrymen have suffered from difficulty and bitter hardship. Unfortunately, a significant number of gloaters suffer from the same straitened circumstances!
In addition, they know that their fellows have experienced discrimination and marginalization as well as their demands will be for the welfare of the entire society, however, their hearts are hardened and they come to accept injustice as part of life. They harm those honest and scrupulous people with their gloating feelings and making light of the lost lives.
Those who showed sympathy for Mohammed Al-Durra, Mohammed Bouazizi, Ahmed Said and the victims of Alexandria church did not ask about their religions, sects and piety. Those high principled people sympathize with their brothers and sisters in humanity, what is wrong with their brothers of faith and land neighbors.
And those who encourage the regime to exercise more injustice and error to demonstrators, neither love the regime nor the homeland as they claim, however, they love themselves. They are keen on gaining more benefit from the situation by overlooking the fact that we are in the same boat and those who are playing with peoples’ misfortunes and injustice shall be the losers.
Our word to those guys of good character, minds and principles:
“Fearing not the blame, today is your right to say.
A word to those few unscrupulous and unprincipled folks:

This is a video footage which displays the security forces attacked the sleeping demonstrators without given them any opportunity to escape.

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