Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another example of the detention of minors: Anas

1. Bahrain regime is arresting minors lately. After Hassan: 11 year old got arrested, he begged his lawyer to return him home, it's Anas' turn now

2. Anas Hassan recalls being kicked repeatedly, beaten on his eye & mouth until his teeth broke, & scarred by cigarettes

3. Anas was dragged to the Police Station, lost consciousness due to torture & woke up in the hospital

4. In the military hospital, investigators threatened Anas & coerced him to confess to things that he had not done

5. After 48 hrs, he was taken to prosecution. His head had a large stitched wound but he couldn't remember anything

6. When his parents took him some clothes, their heavily bruised, blood stained son, approached them barefoot & fatigued

7. Anas realized that he was arrested, tortured brutally, & harassed by security forces whose duty is to protect society

8. The traumatized boy was released days later because of the investigating officer's conflicting statements with the hospital reports

9. Anas is the brother of sports detainee Ahmed Abdulwahab. Bahrain regime enjoys collective punishment

10. No. of children who have been targeted, tortured & detained exceeds 50 cases

11. After demolishing mosques, raping women, & torturing children: Where does your tyranny lead you to?

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