Thursday, June 21, 2012

Detention of Children: Ali Hasan as an example

1. Ali Hasan is a minor who was jailed in Bahrain for a month

2. During his trial he clinched his lawyer's clothes & said: I beg you, return me home
3. How can this child forget the torment he received from Bahrain regime?
4. How doesn’t Bahrain regime expect to be despised by its people after committing such atrocities
5. Detaining minors is a clear violation of the laws signed by Bahrain to protect children
6. Bahrain: Children are being detained frequently now in order to silence protesters
7. Bahrain regime wants to warn protesters regardless of their age or type of activity the person performs at the time of arrest

8. The situation in Bahrain is unpredictable and chaotic just like all the arbitrary arrests and fabricated charges
9. The judiciary system in Bahrain is not independent. It is politically biased!!
10. Bahrain’s judiciary system doesn’t differentiate between adults & minors in detention, torture, & fabrication of charges

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