Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Trial of Younis Aashoori

1. Younis Aashoori, a man in his 60s who is supposed to be with his grandchildren & not in court if this world was just  

2. Younis was a punctual man who wakes up at 5am & leaves to work at 6:20. In 20/3/2011, he left home & did not return

3. He spent more than 30yrs in MOH. He was disciplined in his work & his social life & did not imagine himself jailed at this age

4. He was arrested from work by 15 masked men. They called him a traitor.. He couldn’t believe what he’d heard

5. After arrest, they forced him to stand for hrs, laughed at his quivering legs, & called him sectarian although his wife is Sunni

6. They burned his body with cigarettes, beaten his w/ a rubber hose, & forced him to drink urine. He addressed his torturer as SON!

7. Did he rob 65km of land or 2 Billion from ALBA? He was charged for stealing an oxygen cylinder & giving it to demonstrators

8. I am not kidding. Ask MOH, the court that sentenced him for 3 yrs, or his wife who misses him & awaits his return

9. Today is his trial’s resumption in a judiciary system that exposes its reverence & negligence of age & status

10. May he gets his innocence soon

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