Friday, July 27, 2012

Ahmed Hilal's Case

1.  A 15 year old child charged with illegal assembly, imprisoned for 1 week, & then renewed to 45days without evidence

2. Ahmed & others are minors according to international law. Why is their trial held in the same court in political issues like adults?

3. Why does Bahrain regime insist on imprisoning minors with drug addicts, thieves, & rapists?

4. The court charges a 15 year old child with illegal assembly; just one of fabricated charges used to put innocent people in jail

5. Why was his imprisonment renewed to 45days? So that his mum breaks her fast in Ramadhan on his memory?

6. Lawyer @LawOraibi confirms absence of evidence against Ahmed. Is detention used to spread terror, anguish, & oppression among Bahrainis

7. Why do you leave a kid as old as your own in prison? Don’t you fear his prayers when he pleads to Allah?

 8. This is Ahmed. The hearts of those with a conscience will soften to the cries of his family members

9. Child abuse & detention is escalating regardless of the signed international agreements, religious, or humane considerations

10. Ahmed Hilal: Bahrain regime prosecuted him, his family, village, & childhood

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