Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Recent Unrest in Qatif

1. The recent events in Qatif are the result of marginalization & discrimination rather than the reason behind Al-Nemer’s arrest

2. Alawjami’s killing & mutilation is unacceptable in all religions & will only aggravate the situation further in Qatif

3. Some claim protests in Qatif are led by infiltrators. I will address the relationship of Shiites & their governments in 4 GCC states

4. Isn’t Kuwait densely populated with Shiites? Was there ever feud between them & AlSabah? They have absolute loyalty to their government

5. Qatar: Shiites & Sunnis live harmoniously in their country, cannot be distinguished from one another, & are parallel economically

6. Shiites in UAE: Sh. Moh’d sponsors their institutions, are allowed to work in the military, & they love their leadership  

7. UAE: a writer hinted something against Shiites & before anyone showed their resentment, something unexpectedly took place (Cont’d)

8. Cont’d: writer was stopped from writing & Sh. Moh’d visited #Shiites to assure them the government does not hold any grudges against them

9. Oman: members of the Shiite Lawati family love Qaboos & do not hold him responsible for his entourage’s acts 

10. It is not the sect nor is Iran responsible for what is happening in Bahrain & Qatif. It is solely: INJUSTICE 

11. In a country respecting rights, without discrimination or marginalization, a person wouldn’t seek a confrontation endangering his life

12. If "Justice is the basis of governance" was applied in Bahrain & KSA, demonstrations wouldn’t have taken place

13. Democracy is a means to achieve basic rights. Oppressed groups view it as a savior unlike those who live in luxury


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