Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Arrest of Nabeel Rajab & Al-Nemer


1. NABEELRAJAB was arrested by masked men due to the same reason Bahrain regime spends 1000s to support anonymous accounts on social media
2. There is a hidden link between the arrest of AlNemer in KSA & NABEELRAJAB in Bahrain
3. Regimes in Bahrain & KSA have escalated attacks on democracy seekers due to fear of losing control as a result of Nayef’s absence

4. Years ago Bahrain regime benefitted from people’s busy life in Ramadhan to tighten security grip on its opponents.. It’s doing the same today
5. We heard that annual leaves will not be issued to MOI personnel during Ramadhan unlike previous years.. Something’s fishy!
6. The struggle in Bahrain had its impact on KSA last year; Now the escalated events in Qatif will reignite the revolution in Bahrain
7. Sociology: people get used to fear & blood with time. Palestine made headlines previously; later people accepted it as reality  

8. The struggle we are going through with our regimes is a prelude to a resolution 

9. Bahrain: conflict can be resolved if all parties are serious to do so but we can endure the struggle if regime continues to enslave us

10. Allah has blessed people in Bahrain with this struggle to differentiate those who have principles from those who seek money & power 

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