Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opposition from Within: Shaikh Abdulla AlKhalifa

1. Sh. Abdulla bin Moh’d AlKhalifa is a member of the ruling family in Bahrain but he lives with his family in exile

2. Members of his family have left Bahrain 90 yrs ago because of disagreements within the ruling family

3. He became known through his Twitter account revealing that he is against the regime in

4. When the revolution started, Sh. Abdulla’s tweets were with the regime in Bahrain, but he proudly announces his opposition now  

5. Sh. Abdulla states that there is a “declared King” while in truth “another King” runs Bahrain and this is a disaster 

6. Sh. Abdulla: there is an opposition within the ruling family & I’m a member of it. We will escalate in the appropriate time

7. Sh. Abdulla: The opposition within the ruling family includes 150 people, a few of them outside Bahrain while the majority is inside
8. Sh. Abdulla: We are studying approaching human rights organizations and the International Court of Justice

9. Sh. Abdulla: Not all members of the ruling family in Bahrain are treated equally; some even live on loans

10. Sh. Abdulla: We do not intend to overthrow the King instead we intend to organize the situation in Bahrain

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