Saturday, August 11, 2012

A New Scandal Regarding "Cutting the Mu'athin's Tongue's Case"

1. A new scandal regarding the "Mu'athin's tongue's" case in which 10 people were arrested & sentenced to 10-15 yrs appeared

2. Through fabricated cases like this one, the regime intended to ignite sectarian strife in Bahrain to distract public opinion

3. Bahrain government claimed that demonstrators had cut off a Mu'athin's tongue & used its official media to support the case

4. This video proves with documents Bahrain regime's intention in igniting sectarian conflict 

5. A document from the labor market to the Criminal Court proves victim was 2 individuals rather than 1 

6. Irfan, the construction worker claimed by Bahrain regime to be a Mu'athin, left days after airing the interview

7. The patient residing in BDF hospital who is in a coma is another person

8. We challenge BTV to videotape him to compare the footage with last year's interview

9. The "original" Irfan's statements & pictures have disappeared lately from the case's file

10. To loyalists who believe biased media in Bahrain: we brought forward tons of evidence; regime brought forward a flimsy case

11. 10 detainees & 10 families still pay the price of this lie

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