Friday, August 24, 2012

Hussam Al Haddad - Eid's Martyr

1. Hussam AlHaddad, a 16 year old teenager was killed one night prior to Eid celebrations

2. The MOI statement stated he was killed by a military patrol in self defense although bird shot pellets were on his back

3. His body was then beaten & kicked viscously & he was not taken to the hospital instantly

4. King of Bahrain‘s gift to his people is the blood of a martyr whereas the martyr’s gift is heaven

5. To those who claim to fight terrorism with bloodshed we say terrorism leaves behind hundreds of casualties

6. We are approaching 2yrs since the start of Bahrain revolution and not a single person was killed from the mercenary

7. Bahrain: AlWefaq has always asked protestors to remain peaceful despite the use of bird shot pellets by mercenary riot police

8. Sh. Isa Qassim has always stressed on unity whereas Sunni Sheikhs has stressed hatred, violence, and exclusion

9. Bahrain: We need people who bring together the 2 sects in a hard time like this

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