Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Comments on a Popular Kuwaiti Series

A Kuwaiti series portrays Saddam’s invasion reminding them of bad memories. To Bahrain it reminds us of the agony we suffer daily  
Prisoners queuing up for food in the series made me wonder how prisoners spend Ramadan particularly those in solitary confinement

How do executioners ask for God’s mercy when breaking their fast while their hands are contaminated with blood?

One day I will write a series about what took place in Bahrain & how our neighbors betrayed us. It will end with national reconciliation

In the Bahraini version of the series, the person robbing your home will sadly be Bahraini or a mercenary 

In the Bahraini version of the series: the person torturing u will be a citizen just like you aiming to receive rewards & benefits from government

In the Bahraini version: u will see how a person is tortured in front of his brother & how detainees were sexually harassed

No one will feel or understand how Kuwaitis felt in that phase except the people of Bahrain simply because we are still living that period

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