Thursday, January 31, 2013

ٍSiddiqa AlBasri's Case

In 28 Jan people made fun of court's decision to detain 25yo Siddiqa AlBasri for "hurting a police's feeling"! It's not funny but

An eyewitness' eyes teared when he saw her screaming w/ fear- on her children's status - while dragged by the police  

Siddiqa's story began @ a checkpoint when she was violently insulted by a riot police who expected her to stay silent 

She kept her car @ the checkpoint & left. Her vandalized it & followed her with other policemen. She told him that she only fears God

"I fear my God" & "I dare U to return my ID card" 
2 sentences considered by the Judge as insult & disobedience to riot police

Siddiqa's case is an example of corruption in the judiciary system

She was not allowed a lawyer, verdict was extremely fast, & when she was allowed a lawyer, they didn't allow him to defend her

The called upon eyewitnesses from the police refused to attend & although each checkpoint has a CCTV camera, the court refused to play it

Layla Ahmed, Fadheela Almubarak, & Siddiqa AlBasri are 3 cases in which ladies received harsh sentences for refusing insults in checkpoints

Subjugating & insulting people, unfair trials & sentences, & repressive means. All of which show Bahrain regime tries to be stronger than God! 

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