Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 Wonders of Bahrain Regime in 2012

I would like to share with you some wonders of Bahrain regime

1. The year 2013 has already started & Bahrain PM still holds the same post since 1957!! 

2. Pro-government loyalists support change in Syria due 2 sectarian reasons but are against pro-democracy rallies in Bahrain

3. Bahrain: Riot police committed many shameful acts, loyalists & their top man Al-Mahmood justified their wrongdoings

4. 31 Bahrainis have been stripped of their nationality while intentional political naturalization takes place 

5. The case regarding cutting prayer caller's tongue was a fabrication, but loyalists still adhere to it 

6. Bahrain sent 200 people to the UPR session in Geneva & recognized 176 recommendations- proving its aggression- & regime claims victory

7. @NABEELRAJAB jailed for his tweets while Mnarfezhom, royal family member, targeted people on Twitter is free 

8. S. Al-Hamad who attacked Isalmists in his articles & Adel Felaifil, owner of bars & discos, are Sunni Lions now


9. 2 Officers sentenced to 7 yrs for torturing a person to death while a police officer was sentenced to 12 yrs for refusing to torture protesters  

10. Bahrain regime claims foreign intervention-MP seen with militants in Syria & Ex MP questioned about an interview 


  1. Good evening. Congratulations for your blog! I have a idea of what is happening on Bahrain since some time ago but I didn't know much thing. I think your blog will help me to understand better the problems of your country. Great work of you!

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