Friday, March 8, 2013

The Detained Corpse of Martyr Mahmood AlJazeeri

Have you heard of a detained corpse?! Bahrain regime refuses to hand in Martyr Mahmood AlJazeeri's body to be buried
Only in Bahrain have we heard of a corpse help in captivity for more than 6 days to harm Martyr AlJazeeri's family emotionally
What's happening in Bahrain have revealed the sectarian nature of Bedouins. They accept crimes if the person who committed them is Sunni
They are hypocrites: they claim being religious while they swear & attack their counterparts in their twitter accounts Bahrain
In the stories of prophets, hypocrites fought against justice & peoples' rights. They even tortured people. Bahrain
Values wiped off slaves dictionary: justice, equality, & fighting corruption. Loyalists' logic: blame everything on Iran.

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