Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Upcoming Dialogue

AlFateh Coalition, which are pro-government loyalists, requires 11 conditions to be met before entering the proposed dialogue!

Sarcastically, it is the same group that shed tears when the opposition preconditioned the dialogue previously

Their conditions show no sense of humanity or sobriety. Mainly they do not want the release of those detained unjustly

These entities which were created by the regime are in dialogue to protect the interests of the PM

If Bahrain regime wants to seek a solution for the crisis, they would remain quiet & applaud its decision

These entities are merely a number! They are not respected by the regime, opposition, organizations, or the world

We hoped you would stand with us side by side, asking for rights & dignity. You chose slavery, now you can't impersonate your masters

It's funny how the issued statement was signed by newly found associations that are not known by the majority of Bahrainis

These associations were created by the regime. They lack an entity & have no goal except to defend the ruling regime

The procedures of creating a pro-government association seem easier than opening a Chapatti shop

To AlFateh coalition: aren't you ashamed of yourself? You destroyed Bahrain's social structure & deceived people for personal gains

To AlFateh coalition: you mislead your followers who thought you would maintain their dignity but you humiliated them

Although the oppositionist is oppressed, he is still respected & feared by regime but loyalists are seen by regime as negligible

Before the revolution, we were respected by the rulers of Bahrain regime whereas the loyalists can be humiliated publicly

Nothing changed. Bahrain regime just had to superficially enlarge the loyalists' existence momentarily

However, if loyalists went too far, they would be crushed like ants

Please forgive my harsh language. Although you agreed to all the injustice brought on upon us, we do not accept your humiliation

To newly found loyalist associations: whoever pays your rent, owns your decisions so don't truly believe in your puppet roles 

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