Friday, June 15, 2012

Lamees Dhaif's on the Medics' Verdict

Bahrain medics trial: most medics were found innocent. Some got sham sentences so regime's judiciary system will not look so bad!

Statements from press conferences held by late Health Minister +Minister of Justice+ Minister of Info. were refuted by court today

Doctors should file cases against those who tarnished their reputation & claimed evidence against them like Bahrain TV & it's head Sh.Fawaz

As for the medics who were sentenced so Bahrain regime's lies would not seem so outrageous we say: hold on, the rounds are not over yet

Pro-gov loyalists will realize they are victims of Bahrain regime's fabrications & we're their victims bec they believed the regime

Just arrived in Tunisia for a full fledged program with amnesty & the Tunisian Center for freedom of journalism

I congratulate my sister Nada Dhaif on her innocence after charges were dropped. She became an active member of opposition 

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