Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The High Commision of Human Rights Delegation's visit to Bahrain

I address the OHCHR delegation that is visiting Bahrain, not as an activist but as a person who knew the regime more than I wanted

In the jungle, creatures survive by feeding on weaker prey. They do not stand against anything more powerful just like Bahrain's regime

They are masters of deceit. When you talk to them, they would empathize with you and tell you exactly what you want to hear UN Bahrain 

Envision the gap bet their words/actions, their promises/what's applied, & their claims/reality to see how they run Bahrain like a PR firm

Dictators have the courage to defend their actions! Bahrain regime denies. It's too weak to face or admit its faults

Loyalists' desire to "cancel" the other sect is more than that of the regime. They are driven by self-interest

I want stability for Bahrain & dignity for its people. I dream of returning home to sleep without fearing my family would be intimidated

People of Bahrain demand basic human rights: not to be attacked/raped/tortured by police just because they had enough from the corrupt regime

The agreements you sign with Bahrain regime will use the name of OHCHR to beautify itself, but you will remember their deceit

OHCHR delegation: please visit Bahrain's native people, families of martyrs & detainees to see the truth, patience & courage. We trust you.

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