Saturday, November 10, 2012

31 Bahrainis have been stripped of their nationality

Bahrain regime strips citizens, some have ancestors living here before the arrival of the ruling family, of their citizenship

Bahrain regime had gone insane! Jawad & Jalal Fairooz were stripped from their citizenship although they were previous MPs

Bahrain: those stripped from their nationality were given citizenship legally unlike political naturalization that has been taking place

Bahrain: citizenship was withdrawn from 2 groups: native people & people from Persian origin

These Bahraini's will still belong to this country because they are the natives. Jubilant loyalists cannot have the country to themselves

Where is Saddam Hussain & Gaddafi? Only foolish people think that brutal regimes and injustice remains forever

Countries will welcome those stripped from their citizenship. Their voice will be higher and more effective

These people will soon return to Bahrain as heroes and will be given back their citizenship

We are not in a hurry.. Our confidence in the justice of our cause provides us with determination & patience

I'm in Geneva contacting organizations. I was thinking of returning but you always give us an excuse to work harder for a better Bahrain

To 31 honorable people especially those from Persian origin: You will remain Bahraini regardless of withdrawing your nationality

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