Saturday, December 29, 2012

Slaves: created to serve autocratic regimes

Some struggle for freedom from slavery; others demand improvements in slavery conditions. A slave believes in inferiority

Pro-dictatorship journalists & those who defend them enunciate the same ideas & troll up against anyone who believes otherwise

They cannot understand the logic of those who believe in freedom

When an autocratic regime reaches rock bottom, it uses people with minimal education, wealth, & dignity to defend itself

Bahrain regime has used Iran as a scarecrow so as not to allow those who are ignorant to ask for their rights

I feel pity not anger towards people who defend Bahrain regime while it treats them as insects-destroys anyone who infringes on its territory

Even in powerful countries, the ruler has a budgeted income. In this part of the world the ruler treats country’s budget as his

We do not live in countries but in private property owned by ruling families

Any ruling family member can beat, kill, or steal from a person while the person cannot stop the aggressor

No wonder oppositionists are labeled with treason because they opposed the ruler who owns everything. This is the logic of slaves


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